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The Tipsy Writer : If Your Blog Were A Beer, What Kind Would It Be

Beer & Blogs! The metaphor evokes intrigue instantly. As a blogger and a beer lover, I am curious to know how they stack up together.  There are millions of blogs out there under every category and genre imaginable. Likewise there are many different types of beer. Strangely, we consume blog content and beer at nearly the same rate. Look closely and you’d discover there is so much that beer and blogs have in common. Content heavy Stouts, Light reading Lagers, the refreshing Coronas, they are all covered here and make perfect sense too.

There are also timeless pearls of writing wisdom if you look beyond the froth. From having your own voice to keeping your content interesting, there’s a crafty twist to sometimes-flat blogging tips.

So, here’s one for the road. Cheers!

Beer and blogging

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