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The Tell-Tale Eye – Emotions Revealed

The eyes are the window to your soul. Do you agree? Personally, I believe in this proverb. Let me explain my opinion. Imagine this scene — you are talking with one of your close friends. You ask her a personal question. She replies back, normally. You could have believed her right away if you have not noticed that her eyes avoided yours when she answered the question. This caused you to have doubts about the sincerity of her reply. In fact, you think she is actually lying. Why? Because you honestly believe that if she is telling the truth, she would have looked you straight in the eye.

Alright, alright. Other people have contradicting views about this, so let me tell you what the Lifehack team has discovered about this subject through a fascinating infographic about how your eyes give away what you are truly feeling. This one is from

Tell Tale Eye_10

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