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The importance of social energy

The Scott H Young weblog has an interesting article that introduces the concept of social energy. Unlike traditional “types” of energy (mental and physical), social energy is a form of energy that is derived from the interaction with others.

Social energy comes from spending time in a stimulating environment with other people. The symptoms of a lack of social energy are obvious. It happens when you stare restlessly at your computer screen, watch television or surf the internet hoping for some stimulation. You don’t feel tired or unenthusiastic, but agitated, bored and restless. When you lack social energy you can spend hours trying to work and failing to get anything meaningful done.

What About Introverts?

Is social energy is only for really extroverted people, perhaps if you are a self-proclaimed introvert you don’t need it? Wrong. Introverts need to take care of their social energy far more than extroverts do. Being introverted simply means you have a lower need for social energy, not that you don’t need it at all. Just like extroverts need time to be alone and think, introverts must get social energy.

Social Energy – [Scott H Young]

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