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The IM Generation In Charge

AlwaysOn has a new installment of their series on the IM Generation (post Gen-X, post Gen-Y, born after 1994) and how they will interact with the marketplace, how they use computers, and how they see the world. It dovetails well with recent articles in FastCompany magazine about how this generation and Generation Y treat work differently, and articles in BusinessWeek also complement these reports.

IMers have an active lifestyle; they use multiple means of connectivity at any given time. Their means of digital communication have expanded beyond the e-mail and Usenet messages of the PC Generation, and include text messaging and IM, group messaging on e-mail lists, conversing in chat rooms, posting blogs, Internet telephony, and using webcams to videochat.

Why does this matter to a lifehacker like yourself? Because this becomes something to factor into how you do business, how you plan to compete in the job marketplace, what the new disposible income set is looking for, and how some of your kids will relate to this world. Getting Things Done with an always-on social network and mobile content technology at the ready is a whole different ball of wax.

What do you think?

IM Generation in Charge – [AlwaysOn]

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