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Survival Rules For Your Company’s Holiday Party

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Survival Rules For Your Company’s Holiday Party

Company party is around the corner. Henry Balanon suggests that you shouldn’t behave like you are in other normal parties. There are 10 guidelines in the article:

  • Don’t be the drunk.
  • Don’t bring the drunk.
  • Don’t dress like an idiot.
  • Don’t stuff your face.
  • Don’t talk business all night.
  • Don’t tip badly.
  • Don’t tell inappropriate jokes.
  • Don’t hit on your co-workers or bosses.
  • Don’t drink and drive.
  • Leave extra clothes in your car.

And yeah, most of them are common sense to act sane – but as you are going to work with your co-workers who may remember your behavior in the party, it is good to read it and remind yourself on them.

Thanks Henry for sending in the tip!

Survival Rules For Your Company’s Holiday Party – [Binary Dollar]

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