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This Stunning Animated Short Shows How Some Things Are Especially Beautiful As They Don't Last Forever

Nothing lasts forever. Our time on earth is finite. And earth’s time in space is finite too. Everything, from our greatest works of art to our planet’s most lively cities will one day cease to exist. There are two ways we can look at this fact. One way would be to resist it, to worry about it, to let the brevity of existence depress us. The other, would be to acknowledge that without this impending sense of doom, our lives would be stale and our decisions frugal. The more time we have, the more time there is to waste. As counter intuitive as it sounds, if life lasted forever we might never get around to asking X out on a date, writing that novel or travelling around the world, because there will always be tomorrow. Our lives are precious and beautiful because nothing lasts forever, not in spite of it.

This stunning animated short shows this philosophy in action.

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