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Speaking Up: Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking

Did you know that most people are afraid of public speaking? For many, this fear is greater than the fear of death itself. Are you afraid of speaking in public? If so, get over it quickly because effective public speaking can help skyrocket your career and even be instrumental in securing that elusive raise that you’re looking for.

You can easily overcome your fear by deep breathing, visualization, thorough preparation, and practice. Some speakers actually welcome nervousness because it gives them that extra rush of adrenalin to perform better. Once you’ve got over the early jitters, you’ll actually start enjoying the recognition you get. Surprisingly, it can even turn addictive. However, this is one addiction that is good to have.

We bring you this infographic from that’ll help you take the stage with confidence and deliver in style.


Speaking Up: Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking | TopManagementDegrees

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