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Say Won't Instead Of Can't

Say Won’t Instead Of Can’t

It’s funny how one word, a seemingly inconsequential one, can alter a statement’s entire meaning. Can’t and won’t are such words that, when switched, can give off much different intentions.

Look at the difference in these two sentences:

“I can’t get enough leads to make enough sales.”
“I won’t get enough leads to make enough sales.”

The second statement begs the question – Well Why Not? Why won’t you get enough leads to make the sales you want to make? Not motivated enough? Not willing to do what it takes to get those leads? Don’t believe you can really be successful? Plenty of people CAN get enough leads to make enough sales, so it’s not a REAL can’t.

This article from SelfMadeChick explores this idea for not only self-motivation, but also to gauge other people’s intentions.

One Word that Can Change Your Reality and Really Piss Off Other People – [SelfMadeChick]

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