Only People With Social Anxiety Would Understand This

Only People With Social Anxiety Would Understand This

Do you remember  the last time  you had butterflies flapping in your stomach? When your heart was thumping so fast you thought it would come out of your chest?  When your palms turned clammy? These are sensations that as many as 1 in 10 people experience on a near daily basis. Social anxiety disorder or social phobia can be a crippling thing to live with. It’s when an individual has a higher-than-usual fear of dealing with everyday social interactions like the following.

1. Your phone rings

What you are thinking: “Stop ringing. Stop ringing… STOP…please?  Why did I choose the ringtone? It sounds like an ambulance on drugs. People are staring! SHUTUP SHUTUP.”

What others are thinking: “Is that my phone? Nope. Cool.”


answering the phone

    2. Going Out to Eat

    What you are thinking: “What to eat what to eat what to e-. OKAY, say something. Yes I DO want fries with that. But I can’t say that now, she’s already done my order. She’ll think I’m an idiot. I’m holding up the queue. I’m never coming back here… ”

    What the cashier is thinking: “Next!”

    going out to eat

      3. Going to a Bar

      What you are thinking: “Why are they staring? I knew I had toothpaste on my face. Am I wearing two different shoes? Is it too early to go for a drink? Maybe I should just come back later.”


      What others are thinking: “It looks like it’s going to rain again today.”

      going to bar

        4. Going to a party

        What you are thinking: “I knew I should have just stayed home.  Everyone looks like they know each other.  What if I don’t have anything funny to say? They don’t like me, I knew it.”

        What other people at the party are thinking: “This person is cute!”


        going to party

          5. Running into an Acquaintance

          What you are thinking: “What should I say, what should I say!?  Please don’t notice me. Talk about the weather. No that’s dumb. Talk about politics. WHAT ABOUT POLITICS?  It sucks maybe?  Argh…Why is it so hard to have a conversation? ”

          What the acquaintance is thinking: “Did she get a new haircut?”



            6. Coming Home

            What you are thinking: “ FREEDOM. People suck. I missed you bed. What series shall I watch? I’m hungry. Takeout? But then I have to go outside… No.”

            coming home

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              Last Updated on February 18, 2019

              Why It’s Never Too Late To Redefine Yourself

              Why It’s Never Too Late To Redefine Yourself

              The ability to reinvent and redefine yourself is a bold, daring and purposeful choice. It doesn’t just happen. You have to make a conscious, intentional choice and then follow through.

              If the thought of forging a new path, changing habits, thought patterns and your inner circle of friends scares you – you’re not alone. Change can be a very scary thing. It takes courage, fortitude and a bit of faith to decide to shed your old self and don a new persona. However, it is one of the most critical processes one must repeatedly endure in the pursuit of destiny. Change unlocks new levels of potential.

              The Need for Change

              Everyday when we wake up, we make a decision. We decide to follow our routine or we decide to go off script and shake things up a bit. For those who are creatures of habit, routine is comfortable, easy and produces very little stress. The problem with this is, after a while you stop growing.


              We all reinvent ourselves at some point in our lives. It is absolutely necessary to achieve certain levels of success.

              Reflect back on who you were as a teenager and then who you were at 25. Those are two very different people. Most of us are completely different. Your thought patterns changed, your appearance, job, level of education and even your friends– changed. We like to refer to this as “growing up” or maturing and consider it to be one of life’s natural progressions. However the changes you made were purposeful and deliberate.

              This process must be a lifelong and continuous cycle. You are never too old to refresh yourself.



                Signs It’s Time to Redefine

                “Just as established products and brands need updating to stay alive and vibrant, you periodically need to refresh or reinvent yourself.”– Mireille Guiliano

                So how do you know when it’s time for a system upgrade? There are signs along the way that alert you that it is time for an overhaul. The first sign is the feeling of being stuck. If you feel like you are in a rut, you’re bored with life or you need some newness and excitement, a self reinvention may be in order. Re-evaluate your life vision and your goals. Is that vision still valid and are your goals consistent with your vision and–are they achievable? If you are off course, it’s time for a change. If you are not moving forward and making progress, it’s time for a change.


                In life, there’s no such thing as neutrality–you’re either moving forward or you are moving backward. Time constantly moves forward and if you are standing still, you are actually losing ground. No matter your age or stage in life– there is always room for improvement.

                “You’re never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.” ~C. S. Lewis

                The second sign that you are due for a change is the occurrence of major life events in which change is forced upon you. Getting married, starting a new job, being promoted, ending a relationship, becoming a parenting or relocating are all prime opportunities to completely overhaul your life.


                When these major shifts occur in your life–you have to shift with them. You can’t have a single mentality and have a successful marriage. You can’t remain selfish and irresponsible, and raise a healthy, well-adjusted child. You can’t be promoted to a supervisory position and keep the same subordinate attitude. Each level of success requires something different from you.

                Aronld in Predator

                  Consider, for a moment, Arnold Schwarzenegger. People may have different opinions about his character and some of his life choices, but he is a master at reinventing himself. He achieved the ultimate success as a professional body builder by earning the title “Mr. Universe” three times. He then earned a tremendous amount of fame and fortune in the entertainment industry making action/adventure films. And in his latest role, he served two terms as the Governor of California. He succeeded as a professional body builder, a film star and a politician. Each role required massive amounts of change, commitment, strength and hard work.

                  And if Arnold can do it…so can you!

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