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Meeting Planner/Organizer/Worksheet Template

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Meeting Planner/Organizer/Worksheet Template

studentl.inc has developed a template for meeting. It assists the phrase of generating planning, organizing and work action items in meeting hence it is called planner/organizer/worksheet. It has the intention for student leaders but I see there are benefits for any chairperson in meeting to use this:

Meeting organizer

    The six sections of the MPOW are:

    1. Meeting Purpose – This helps the student leader identify the answer to the question: “Why do we need to have this meeting?” If one can’t define the purpose, one shouldn’t be calling a meeting.
    2. Meeting Preparation – There are certain things that must be in place as one gets ready for a meeting. This section helps the student leader to make sure that he or she is ready to go once the meeting is called to order.
    3. Meeting Agenda – The agenda is importantMeeting_organizer because it keeps the group focused on the important topics. This section includes an area for the leader to check off if the item was discussed, a decision was made, or the item was delayed for another time.
    4. Meeting Action Items – This is the most important part of the meeting. The items that are discussed will usually result in some type of work that needs to be done. In this section, the student leader will record action items, the people that the work is assigned to, and a deadline that the work needs to be accomplished.

    Meeting Planner | Organizer | Worksheet – [studentl.inc]

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