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Let Go of Negative Thoughts in 5 Inspirational Steps

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At 2 O’ clock Midnight, I tried to call Jon. It was more than half-a-hour, but still he didn’t pick it up.  At first, I thought he might be too sleepy to take the call. That went well for the first few minutes. Suddenly, I got into another round of thoughts. First I thought why didn’t he pick it up? Could it be a sign on enmity?  Or could he be under FBI’s radar? Or has he got a heart attack?

If you are one of those whose daily conversations turn up like this, then BEWARE! You are a victim of Negative Thinking. Not only you, there are lots of negative thinkers around the world (including myself).

But don’t worry; we are here to expel these unwanted shadows from your mind.

1. Stop thinking in EXTREME moments

The eternal truth of life is that nothing is black or white, or this or that. This all are in existence due to negative thinking. Negative thinking leads to view bad stuff in the extreme moments.

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2. Don’t do Mind-reading

We all started off with mindreading itself. We are often said that an Empty Brain is a Devil’s Workshop, right? So while you don’t get replies from someone, your brain starts thinking why, and often leads to all the negative factors. After all negative thoughts have a greater impact.

3. Don’t make random stuff and start believing it

Imagination is a good thing, but to suspend it to scare you is worst. Never let your thoughts take over you.

4. Don’t maximize Negative and minimize Positive

No matter what scenario you are in; don’t let positive thoughts get faded and negative thoughts taking over you. Always try to keep your attitude in the positive zone.

5. Don’t over-generalize the negative

Whenever you fail in an exam, do you ever think that you can better do next time? I bet not. More than 90% of people would say they are stupid, moron, fool blah blah blah.. The problem with many of folks is that they make negative thoughts into fact and starting believing it.

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