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If You're Over 50, is it Too Late to Start the Next Big Company?

“Age doesn’t matter” is one of the oldest thriving adages I know. It’s still being used today even in this digital era. I think it’s because it still carries truth to it.

Talking about age, many of the most successful companies today were started by youngsters barely out of college. In fact, a lot of them were still in universities when they started their companies. However, I will not focus on the young business founders. Instead, I’ll delve on the old founders and why it’s not too late to start the next super company. Let’s say you’re 52 and you’re contemplating to give birth to a company. That’s OK, Coca Cola was invented by a guy in the same age. And you know about KFC, right? It was started by 65 year old Grandpa.

What’s more, you’ll still have about 23.7 years to enjoy it. (The figure I presented are based on the current life expectancy of 78.7 years. An info taken from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.)

Besides, you’ll never know if the company you’ll establish will turn out to be a great gift to humanity. So, go ahead. Don’t stop yourself just because of your age.

Infographic: Funders and Founders

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