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Interview tips from an experienced recruiter

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Interview tips from an experienced recruiter

Interview is the important to land you a job, and you only have a chance to go for it. Andrzej Zyms has some tips on how to prepare yourself for interview. From initial preparation, finding your way, practicing and how to react during the interview. Andrzej also provided some sample questions which may help you on the preparation phase:

– What are your main strengths?
– What are your weaknesses?
– Tell me of a time when you did something well that you were proud of.
– Give me an example of time when you had to solve a complex problem.
– Describe a time when you had to make an unpopular decision.
– What strategies do you use to keep abreast of changes in your technical field?
– Tell me about a time when you suggested a new and innovative way of working? What came of your suggestion?

Interview tips from an experienced recruiter – [Membox.com]

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