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How To Disarm A Grumpy Boss

How To Disarm A Grumpy Boss

If there’s one person to keep happy at work [other than yourself], it’s your boss. When they’re not happy, though, it can be difficult to stay on their good side.

So when faced with a grumpy boss, try not to give in to a negative workspace and attempt to change the situation for the better.

Brad Isaac suggests 5 ways to do so, the last being Stay Away if the other four don’t work.

Divert with good news – Sometimes all a boss needs to get rid of a bad mood is some good news. Good business news can turn his bad attitude inside out. So the time to drop the good news that you landed the new account or finally finished the major hurdle that stood in the way of a major project will divert Mr. Grouch into thinking more positive.

How do you guys solve a problem like your grumpy boss?

5 Ways to Disarm A Grumpy Boss
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