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How to be Interesting

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How to be Interesting

A while ago, I tried to observe people who are interesting – they are all present themselves well and able to talk within any situation. I found they have one common trait – they know broad areas of topics. It strikes me though how the earth can they learn all those stuff? An article written by Russell Davies tells me there are ways to do it:

  • Take at least one picture everyday. Post it to flickr.
  • Start a blog. Write at least one sentence every week.
  • Keep a scrapbook
  • Every week, read a magazine you’ve never read before
  • Once a month interview someone for 20 minutes, work out how to make them interesting. Podcast it.
  • Collect something
  • Once a week sit in a coffee-shop or cafe for an hour and listen to other people’s conversations. Take notes. Blog about it. (Carefully)
  • Every month write 50 words about one piece of visual art, one piece of writing, one piece of music and one piece of film or TV. Do other art forms if you can. Blog about it
  • Make something
  • Read

The similarity of all those ways are to increase your scope of thinking and knowledge, by jumping out from your comfort zone of knowledge.

How to be interesting – [Russell Davies]

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