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How to Text From Email

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Texting is quickly becoming the preferred method of communication in the modern world, with 8.6 trillion Short Messaging Services (SMS) messages being sent on an annual basis. For some of us, texting is the only way to communicate. Sometimes it’s just easier to send someone a quick message instead of having a long conversation with them. Maybe your workplace won’t allow you to talk on the phone (i.e you work in a call center or attend a lot of meetings). Most cell providers allow unlimited texting, so it can be a great way to conserve cell minutes. No matter what your reason for texting is, it’s not a feature you want to lose.

So what happens if you lose your cell phone or your service is disconnected? What if your texting app crashes and you have an important message to send? What if you need to get a hold of someone who doesn’t text?

Luckily, you’re not completely cut off from the rest of the world. It’s easy to send messages between text and email. Each cell phone provider sets up an email address for your 10-digit phone number. Below is a list of email addresses based on your cell provider. Simply replace the term “cellnumber” with your 10-digit phone number (no dashes). For example, if you have a Sprint phone, and your phone number is (123) 456-7890, your email address would be 1234567890@messaging.sprintpcs.com.

Cell Provider SMS Email Addresses

AT&T – cellnumber@txt.att.net

Boost Mobile – cellnumber@myboostmobile.com

Cricket – cellnumber@sms.mycricket.com

MetroPCS – cellnumber@mymetropcs.com

Sprint – cellnumber@messaging.sprintpcs.com

T-Mobile – cellnumber@tmomail.net

Tracfone – cellnumber@mmst5.tracfone.com

US Cellular – cellnumber@email.uscc.net

Verizon – cellnumber@vtext.com

VirginMobile – cellnumber@vmobl.com

Remember this works both way. You can send SMS messages to an email address as well. This is useful when attempting to communicate with your old-fashioned friends or family members who don’t have a smartphone. When texting, instead of inputting a phone number, input their email address as the recipient.

If you don’t have an email address and would like to take advantage of these features, you can sign up for a free account at one of the following sites:

Other Ways To Communicate Via SMS

Email isn’t the only way to communicate through text message. AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, and Windows Live Messenger all allow you to send a text message to any phone number through their applications.

For AIM – Open a chat window with your buddy by clicking their name/picture in your buddy list. Click the cell phone icon on the bottom left of the IM window. This will open a new IM window. If you already have their cell number listed, it will show automatically. If not, input the 10 digit number. From there, you can chat away. Keep in mind your username will use up characters, so you’re limited on what you can send.


For Yahoo! – Put your mouse over your contact’s name in your contact list to make their contact card appear. Enter +1 and the 10 digit phone number, and open a normal chat window. If your friend is not online in Yahoo! Messenger, you will automatically send them an SMS message.

For Windows Messenger – Select the “Action” tab at the top of the window, then select “Send Other,” followed by “Send a Message to a Mobile Device.” Choose the contact you wish to send a message to. If you already have a phone number, it will appear. If not, enter the phone number. An IM window will appear, allowing you to send an SMS message.

Each of these services also has a mobile app, so you can skip SMS altogether and chat directly through good ol’ fashioned IM.

There are also websites that you can use to send free SMS messages. Read more about our favorite service here.

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