How Does London Vocabulary Compare With US English?

How Does London Vocabulary Compare With US English?


    Not all countries speak English the same way. Depending on where you are in the world, different words and phrases are used to refer to common objects and actions.

    An example of this is British English and US English. Both languages use the 26-letter English alphabet, but a closer look will tell you that they are far from the same.

    For more information on how both languages differ, checkout the infographic above. When traveling, this chart can help you quickly identify which words to use without referring to a dictionary. Additionally, if you have a friend who just moved in from any of the two countries, you can help him or her settle in by understanding new words.

    Due to globalization, you may even be surprised to hear some of the local phrases above being used in your area.

    Which of these words are you fond of using? Share your thoughts with us.

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    Last Updated on March 30, 2020

    What Will Happen When You Surround Yourself With Positive People?

    What Will Happen When You Surround Yourself With Positive People?

    Ever since Norman Vincent Peale wrote his classic book The Power of Positive Thinking, many people have worked hard to harness the power of positivity. But one of the greatest challenges to maintaining positivity is that we live in a world focused on negativity. The news, social media, the office gossip, and pretty much everywhere else is filled with terrible events and complaining people.

    The truth is you can’t have a life of positivity while spending a lot of time with people who drag you down. The good news is that there is a simple solution! Surround yourself with positive people. When I started this habit I had some nearly immediate results…and some that will pay off further down the road. Here are 8 amazing things that will happen when you surround yourself with positive people.

    1. Your Attitude Will Change

    I love spending time with my positive friends! I get energized and excited. My attitude becomes one of confidence and peace. You will enjoy the same results.

    Time with negative people will affect your attitude negatively, but time with positive people will allow you to move through circumstances with a smile on your face.

    2. You Will Accomplish More

    I mentor a group of runners. I do my best to exude positivity whenever we are together. Do you know that those wonderful people will run longer and faster because they are being encouraged? They accomplish more than they thought possible because they are taught to believe they can. So will you!


    Having people who tell you that you can do more will make it so you actually will do more!

    3. You Will Make More Friends

    Think about your current group of friends. Out of all of them, which one has the most friends in their life? I’ll bet you’ll discover that your positive friends have way more friends than the negative people.

    Most of us love spending time with the person who is the life of the party…who is (not coincidentally) highly positive. Want more friends? Hang around positive people!

    4. You Will Make More Money

    Here is a practical effect of spending time with positive people. It’ll make you more money!

    As noted above, being with positive people makes you more positive. According to the Wall Street Journal, positive people make more money than average, but they make a LOT more than negative people.[1] The difference? 40%! That’s right, happy, positive people make around 40% more than negative people. Be positive to make more money.


    5. You Will Be Consistently Happy

    I want to note here that happiness is truly an internal attitude. This internal attitude is very manageable.

    Most of us go through life letting circumstances dictate our happiness. We live on autopilot, and our autopilot is usually negative. However, frequent exposure to positivity will move your default state toward the side of happiness.

    If you make a conscious change to keep positive people nearby as much as possible then you will be consistently happier.

    6. You Will Become a Magnet for Success

    You may have seen this before, but it’s so very true:

    “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

    When you spend time with positive people, you become more positive. The result is people will want to spend more time with you. This becomes a snowball in your success.

    When people see how excited and enthusiastic you are about your business or work they will want to be a part of your vision. Your positivity will attract success like a magnet!

    Find out more about The Hidden Power of Every Single Person Around You.

    7. You Will Become More Generous

    Examples from my positive friends inspire me to be more generous. So many of them have helped me that I want to give back. I love helping people with running, writing, speaking, improving their jobs, and becoming entrepreneurs. I love writing articles like this one. I write tens of thousands of words to help others because it’s just so much fun!

    When you are positive, helping people just becomes part of your nature. You will want to give and share, it won’t be an option, you’ll have a burning need to be generous.


    8. You Will Live Longer

    This is a big one. Your positive friends will rub off on you and help you live longer. According to Dr. David R. Hamilton, studies have shown that positive people live seven or more years longer than negative people![2]

    Positive people have fewer chronic health problems and are better at fighting off diseases. If you remember nothing else from this article, remember this: positivity affects how long you live.

    Final Thoughts

    Don’t just dump all of your negative friends, family and co-workers. That may be neither practical nor kind. But do make a conscious effort to limit time with them while increasing time with people who have a positive outlook. How much you help others, your success and even the length of your life are at stake.

    More Tips About Building Positive Relationships

    Featured photo credit: Austin Blanchard via


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    [2] HuffPost: Do Positive People Live Longer?

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