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Here's How To Have A Touching Proposal That Will Melt Any Girl's Heart

For any woman, the perfect marriage proposal takes only a few things: the man she loves, the kneeling, a ring (plus maybe a bouquet of roses). What a man can do to create the most touching marriage proposal?

Watch this example of an amazingly touching proposal first:

1. Plan An Activity That You And Your Girlfriend Love To Do Together

Be it a kind of sports, a hobby or any kind of leisure activities. Set the proposal in an usual activity that you two love doing together, that’s where you can make surprises out of the ordinary.

2. Arrange Some Alone Times For Only You And Your Girlfriend

No matter what kind of activity you’re doing, arrange some times to be alone and get distant from other people. Remember, romance takes two people only.

3. A Unique Kneeling

Kneeling is a tradition, of course you can’t miss this important part. If you can, be creative for the way of kneeling, let your girlfriend feel how thoughtful you are.

4. An Unforgettable Hug

Hug your girlfriend like you’ve never hugged her before. This is supposed to be the warmest part!

5. A Ring

You don’t need to buy the most expensive ring in the world to make your girlfriend smile and feel touched. The ring is a symbol of love and respect you want to commit to her.

BONUS TIP: Tape your proposal too if possible! So that your girlfriend can show her friends (and the world) how sweet you are while reminiscing that greatest moment later.

If you have any friends who are gathering some proposal ideas, share this video with them. And if you’re going to propose to your girlfriend, take reference from this one and all the best to you!

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