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A Guide To Understanding Introverts

There’s a lot of talk these days about what makes an introvert, their differences from extroverts and so on; but how should we treat introverts? It’s not as though introverts are a different species, but we do require a different set of socialising methods than extroverts do. Where the latter will gain energy from being in social situations, introverts typically enjoy and become re-charged by spending time alone. But we’re not just anti-social recluses, honest! Here, artist Roman Jones illustrates a comprehensive guide to understanding introverts:

introvert infographic

Introverts appreciate personal space, and so all extroverts have to do is respect that. Be kind and polite, don’t be too demanding and please, don’t take it personally if we need a little time to ourselves. It’s just how we recuperate so we can spend more quality time with those who are important to us!

Do you agree? Are you an introvert who needs to let those around you in on these tips?

Guide To Understanding The Introverts | Roman Jones

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