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Getting Standing Ovation in Presentation

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Getting Standing Ovation in Presentation

Presentation expert Guy Kawasaki gives out 11 ways on getting a standing ovation from your audience. In the other word, how to get your presentation to a point that audience is loving what you talked and giving you the best recognition you can possibly get:

  1. Have something interesting to say
  2. Cut the sales pitch
  3. Focus on entertaining
  4. Understand the audience
  5. Overdress
  6. Don’t denigrate the competition
  7. Tell stories
  8. Pre-circulate with the audience
  9. Speak at the start of an event
  10. Ask for a small room
  11. Practice and speak all the time

Number 7, telling stories is probably the best tips for public speaking. Stories make audience to sit up and listen, and if you can provide story to support your message – then this is an extremely powerful tool.

How to Get a Standing Ovation – [Guy Kawasaki]

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