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Get A Big Book Deal From Your Blog

Get A Big Book Deal From Your Blog

Many bloggers are signing off publishing deals these days – and double congrats to them! But you may ask yourself, how did they do it? How do you take your blogging to people who actually read books still?

Brazen Careerist, Penelope Trunk – who has released a successful book herself – has written 10 things to keep in mind. It’s not about how to literally take your blog posts to a publisher, but covers points that will make your blog work as a book.

10. Use blog comments to train yourself for rejection.
If there is any way to prepare for the constant rejection from the publishing industry, it’s by answering the negative commenters on your blog. Respond in an even-handed, respectful way. This is how you’ll have to respond to agents and editors who try to poke holes in your proposal. For example, I wrote eleven proposals that my agent said no to before she sold my most recent one.

How to get a six-figure book deal from your blog – [BrazenCareerist]

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