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Faithful Writers

While we’re on the topic of writing, here’s something that Gray Miller pointed out to me over at A List Apart.

Amber Simmons has written an article entitled, “Gentle Reader, I Will be Faithful,” about the bond between a writer and her audience. It’s something that matters a lot, especially when you’re asking readers for their time and attention.

Writers write for different reasons. Sometimes we are moved by something that has happened to us in our personal lives. Perhaps we are stirred to respond to something we read online or in print. Sometimes our jobs force us to write. In these situations, it is very easy to write only for ourselves or only for our employers­—in other words, for everyone but the real reader. The unsuspecting reader may stumble upon this work and be left with more questions than answers:

* What prompted the author to write this article?
* What greater context surrounds this work?
* What’s really the point of this paper?
* Is she writing this for someone in my position, or a different set of people altogether?

Simmons writes a thoughtful piece with lots of interesting questions and suggested answers along the way. But what would you expect from someone who writes about religion and ethics?

Gentle Reader, I Will be Faithful – [A List Apart (via satorimedia)]

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