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Everything Negative is all an Opportunity for me to Rise. - Kobe Bryant

Everything negative – pressure, challenges – is all an opportunity for me to rise. – Kobe Bryant 

People have a distorted view of the world when they are in a negative state of mind. It becomes a cycle where negative thoughts reinforce negative emotions, which in turn produces negative actions.If the cycle is not broken, and left to run uninterrupted, it inevitably has a detrimental physical and mental effect on the person experiencing the spin. In addition, if these cycles spin often enough, they can lead to clinical depression and anxiety.

The key to avoiding this negative distortion and stopping the mental spin is to understand what initiates the cycle. Once mindful of the triggers, people can train themselves to avoid it, or stop it before it does any harm.

How to Stop the Negative Spin of Thoughts, Emotions and Actions

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