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Email Hack: Using Draft instead of @Reply folder

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Email Hack: Using Draft instead of @Reply folder

At my current day job, email takes fair bit of my time. That’s why I find every opportunity to optimize my email workflow. I have been using @Reply, @Wait, and @Read folders for actionable emails and those can save me countless hours on searching those action required emails.

I have been testing my workflow a bit recently – mainly on moving emails that require replying to @Reply folder.

Now once I found any email that needs to reply:

  • Press reply immediately
  • Within 1 or 2 minutes, I will write down any thoughts I have
  • If I can finish replying within 2 minutes, I will send it out immediately.
  • If not, I will save it into my draft folder.
  • Finally, I assign a time to reply all those pending emails that require a chunk of time.

The biggest advantage that I see from this workflow is that I will not need two folders for email-needs-reply anymore. Second, all those thoughts that I got when reading the emails will be preserved and written down.

Any suggestions or comments on this?

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