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Eight Resolutions to Enhance Your Career

If you’ve found a job that is enjoyable, it can be very easy to get into a routine. However, a routine can quickly morph into a rut which may negatively impact your career development. Following with the theme of the season, Jaclyne Badal from the College Journal (a branch of the Wall Street Journal) gives eight resolutions that will help jump start your career in 2007. The following is my favorite from this list:

Try something new: Identify at least two skills you’d like to enhance or acquire for the year. One way to find areas that need improvement: go over your performance review…Once you have a couple of goals in mind, ask your boss how you can go about making the changes. You may be able to volunteer for a project, for example, or take on a new responsibility. Just be sure you focus on the benefits to your boss and the company; it will show that you’re a team player and make him or her more receptive.

Eight Resolutions to Enhance Your Career – [Career Journal]

What’s your favorite resolution? Do you have any that didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments.

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