‘Disney Unhappily Ever After’ May Open Your Eyes But Ruin Your Life

‘Disney Unhappily Ever After’ May Open Your Eyes But Ruin Your Life

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    Storyboard artist Jeff Hong has worked on Disney animations for many years, from Hercules to Mulan, Tarzan and The Emperor’s New Groove. However, his inspiration behind Disney animations has changed somewhat since he last worked on a movie for them. Now, he has taken to re-imagining our most beloved characters as though they were in the real world in a series titled ‘Disney Unhappily Ever After’.

    Hong told The Huffington Post “The idea just popped in my head to put Disney princesses into environments that they wouldn’t be associated with. Once I started putting them together, I realized a lot of social issues that are always important to me could be woven in as well. I think that’s what has made it really successful and a bit controversial as well, so I’m glad it has started debates and discussions on the issues of racism, animal abuse, drugs, etc.”

    Warning: the Dumbo one cannot be unseen. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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                        Last Updated on July 3, 2020

                        30 Small Habits To Lead A More Peaceful Life

                        30 Small Habits To Lead A More Peaceful Life

                        In today’s world, true peace must come from within us and our own actions. Here are 30 small things you can do on a regular basis to increase your overall sense of harmony, peace, and well-being:

                        1. Don’t go to every fight you’re invited to

                        Particularly when you’re around those who thrive on chaos, be willing to decline the invitation to join in on the drama.

                        2. Focus on your breath

                        Throughout the day, stop to take a few deep breaths. Keep stress at bay with techniques such as “square breathing.” Breathe in for four counts, hold for four counts, then out for four counts, and hold again for four counts. Repeat this cycle four times.

                        3. Get organized and purge old items

                        A cluttered space often creates a cluttered spirit. Take the time to get rid of anything you haven’t used in a year and invest in organizational systems that help you sustain a level of neatness.

                        4. Stop yourself from being judgmental

                        Whenever you are tempted to have an opinion about someone else’s life, check your intentions. Judging others creates and promotes negative energy.

                        5. Say ‘thank you’ early and often

                        Start and end each day with an attitude of gratitude. Look for opportunities in your daily routine and interactions to express appreciation.


                        6. Smile more

                        Even if you have to “fake it until you make it,” there are many scientific benefits of smiling and laughing. Also, pay attention to your facial expression when you are doing neutral activities such as driving and walking. Turn that frown upside down!

                        7. Don’t worry about the future

                        As difficult as this sounds, there is a direct connection between staying in the present and living a more peaceful life. You cannot control the future. As the old proverb goes, “Worry is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it won’t get you anywhere.” Practice gently bringing your thoughts back to the present.

                        8. Eat real food

                        The closer the food is to the state from which it came from the earth, the better you will feel in eating it. Choose foods that grew from a plant over food that was made in a plant.

                        9. Choose being happy over being right

                        Too often, we sacrifice inner peace in order to make a point. It’s rarely worth it.

                        10. Keep technology out of the bedroom

                        Many studies, such as one conducted by Brigham and Women’s Hospital, have connected blue light of electronic devices before bed to adverse sleep and overall health. To make matters worse, many people report that they cannot resist checking email and social media when their cell phone is in reach of their bed, regardless of the time.

                        11. Make use of filtering features on social media

                        You may not want to “unfriend” someone completely, however you can choose whether you want to follow their posts and/or the sources of information that they share.


                        12. Get comfortable with silence

                        When you picture someone who is the ultimate state of peace, typically they aren’t talking.

                        13. Listen to understand, not to respond

                        So often in conversations, we use our ears to give us cues about when it is our turn to say what we want to say. Practice active listening, ask questions, process, then speak.

                        14. Put your troubles in a bubble

                        Whenever you start to feel anxious, visualize the situation being wrapped in a bubble and then picture that sphere floating away.

                        15. Speak more slowly

                        Often a lack of peace manifests itself in fast or clipped speech. Take a breath, slow down, and let your thoughtful consideration drive your words.

                        16. Don’t procrastinate

                        Nothing adds stress to our lives like waiting until the last minute.

                        17. Buy a coloring book

                        Mandala coloring books for adults are becoming more popular because of their connection to creating inner peace.


                        18. Prioritize yourself

                        You are the only person who you are guaranteed to live with 24 hours a day for the rest of your life.

                        19. Forgive others

                        Holding a grudge is hurting you exponentially more than anyone else. Let it go.

                        20. Check your expectations

                        Presumption often leads to drama. Remember the old saying, “Expectations are premeditated resentments.”

                        21. Engage in active play

                        Let your inner child come out and have some fun. Jump, dance, play, and pretend!

                        22. Stop criticizing yourself

                        The world is a hard enough place with more than enough critics. Your life is not served well by being one of them.

                        23. Focus your energy and attention on what you want

                        Thoughts, words, and actions all create energy. Energy attracts like energy. Put out what you want to get back.


                        24. Assign yourself “complaint free” days.

                        Make a conscious decision not to complain about anything for a whole day. It might be harder than you think and the awareness will stick with you.

                        25. Surround yourself with people you truly enjoy being in the company of

                        Personalities tend to be contagious, and not everyone’s is worth catching. Be judicious in your choices.

                        26. Manage your money

                        Financial concerns rank top on the list of what causes people stress. Take the time each month to do a budget, calculate what you actually spend and sanity check that against the money you have coming in.

                        27. Stop trying to control everything

                        Not only is your inner control freak sabotaging your sense of peace, it is also likely getting in the way of external relationships as well.

                        28. Practice affirmations

                        Repeat positive phrases that depict the life and qualities you want to attract. It may not come naturally to you, but it works.

                        29. Get up before sunrise

                        Personally witnessing the dawn brings a unique sense of awe and appreciation for life.

                        30. Be yourself

                        Nothing creates more inner discord than trying to be something other than who we really are. Authenticity breeds happiness.

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