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Charisma can be learnt

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Charisma can be learnt

In recent study, scientists claim that charisma can be learnt. The study is led by British Professor Richard Wiseman who estimated charisma is 50% innate and 50% trained. Here are some tips that provided by him on how to be more charismatic:

  • General: Open body posture, hands away from face when talking, stand up straight, relax, hands apart with palms forwards or upwards
  • To an individual: Let people know they matter and you enjoy being around them, develop a genuine smile, nod when they talk, briefly touch them on the upper arm, and maintain eye contact
  • To a group: Be comfortable as leader, move around to appear enthusiastic, lean slightly forward and look at all parts of the group
  • Message: Move beyond status quo and make a difference, be controversial, new, simple to understand, counter-intuitive

SOURCE: Prof Richard Wiseman

Very interesting article. Read the whole article at BBC News.

A step-by-step guide to charisma – [BBS News Magazine]

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