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Best of Lifehack: 15 Best Communication Hacks of 2012

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We are social beings, well most of us are. This year, we’ve provided a plethora of articles on how to improve the different aspects of your communication repertoire, inspirational quotes and motivational messages that have been communicated to us that help us to improve our lives. We’ve taken a look at what we’ve provided and have compile a list of the most popular articles and picked out 5 other which we thought are useful but didn’t get the same amount of attention as the 10 most popular.

Thanks to all the readers, sharers and contributors who helped create and made these posts.

15 Most Popular Communication Hacks of 2012

1. 20 Encouraging Quotes to Level Up Your Life

2. From Nobody to Being Unforgettable in Under 5 Minutes: 16 Ways to Connect with Anyone

3. How to Stop Being Shy and Become a Social Champion

4. How to Quickly Improve Your Ability to Make Small Talk

5. 20 Practical Soft Skills Everyone Should Learn

6. How to Be the Most Interesting Person at a Networking Event

7. 7 Things to Say (and Not Say) to a Grieving Person

8. Tips to Improve Your Communication Skills

9. Sometimes You Have to be Social Even When You Don’t Feel Like It: Here’s How

10. Level Up Your Communication in Relationships With These 7 Tips

11. Communication 101: If You Try to Win the Battle, You Might Lose the War

12. Top 20 TED Talks That Can Improve Your Life

13. 5 Important Questions to Ask Yourself Every Day

14. Why Everyone Should Write a Manifesto

15. The Secret to Getting People to Do What You Want

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