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Before & After ‘Too Much Love’ Has Been Given To Children’s Toys

Written by Siobhan Harmer
Siobhan is a passionate writer sharing about motivation and happiness tips on Lifehack.
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Have you ever wondered what too much love would look like? Well, turns out all you need to do is compare your favourite stuffed toy from childhood to a pristine model and the impact of love becomes all too clear! This was the fantastic idea behind Katja Kemnitz‘s photo series ‘Too Much Love’ which features toys, teddies and dolls that have been loved by children. The project was inspired when Katja found a brand new doppelgänger of her daughter’s favourite dog teddy and compared it to the original. The differences, much like in the photos below, were remarkable!

Katja’s project is still ongoing, so if you live in Germany she asks that you send your toy to be photographed so you can spot the difference!


                    Images: Too Much Love

                    Featured photo credit: Too Much Love via katjakemnitz.de

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