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A Presentation Example on Visual Complexity

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A Presentation Example on Visual Complexity

Presentation Zen has analysed two presentation slides from the recent presentation by Bill Gates on Live Platforms. There are couple of interesting obversations plus a bit of comparsion with Steve Jobs’ presentation style:

  • Rule No. 1: Know your message inside out (and backwards)
  • Rule No. 2: Remove barriers to effective communication
  • Design matters, visuals matter…it ALL matters!
  • Don’t rain on my parade

Blogger Garr highlights that the importance of the design and visual on presentation matter a lot. Even if you have great strategies and vision for your company, a poorly designed slide will degrade them.

Presentation Complexity

    I am pretty overwhelmed by this slide. If I need to listen to the presenter on the message and also solving this visual puzzle, my focus will be on the presentation slide more. This is not what you want – presentation slide takes over the focus of the audience.

    Read on more Presentation Zen’s analysis.

    Bill Gates and visual complexity – [Presentation Zen]

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