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These 9 Secrets of Happy Couples Will Make You A Better Lover

Do you always wonder why some couples are always so happy? Wonder no more because here’re the 9 secrets of happy couples which will make you a better lover and have a happier relationship.

1. Make Quality Time Together

Make spending alone time with quality part of the routine. It doesn’t has to be a an extremely well-planned date, you just need to make each other the focus of the time you spend together.

2. Keep In Contact Whenever

It’s easy to keep in contact nowadays with the technology, so be it a call or a text.

3. Walk Side-By-Side And Hand-In-Hand

Very simple, right? Walking side-by-side and hand-in-hand creates intimacy between you two.

4. Hug As Soon As You See Each Other

There’s no need to hide your passion as you meet after some time of not being able to see each other.

5. Make Time To Love Yourself And All The Crazy Stuff You Do

You need to know how to love yourself before loving others. Don’t forget to be true to yourself.

6. Document Your Lives Together

So when you look back to the times you’ve been together, you can recall all the good memories instead of focusing on the bad moments.

7. Don’t Let Your Partner Forget You’re Way Into Him/Her

Writer a letter, a card or give a little gift to remind your partner that you’re with him/her.

8. Get Weird With Each Other

Do something weird together adds fun to the relationship. Have a try!

9. Enjoy Each Other

Just enjoy each other’s presence in life. Life’s too short to waste your time not enjoying every moment.

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