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7 Habits Happy People Don’t Have

Written by Jill Harness
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Everyone develops positive and negative habits throughout the years, both positive and negative. While some bad habits might make you seem uncouth and others might prevent you from living a healthy lifestyle, some may actually make you unhappy.

Pick The Brain has a great list of seven habits that happy people simply don’t have and if you do have them, they might actually prevent you from being a happy person. Fortunately, they not only warn you about these happiness-impeding behaviors, but they also tell you how to eradicate these from your life so you can start feeling happy.

A few of the habits from the list you really should start working on breaking as soon as possible:

  • Taking things for granted
  • Comparing yourself to others
  • Seeking happiness in material possessions

The 7 Habits Happy People DON’T Have | Pick the Brain

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