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Communication, Relationships

6 Great Ways to Speak to Your Loved Ones

Written by Jill Harness
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Whether you’re trying to stay close with a friend, a spouse or a family member, sometimes communication can become strained. When you want to improve your relationships, the most important thing to work on is communication. Mark and Angel Hack Life’s six techniques for better communication with your loved ones provides a great resource for improving your relationships. The basics of their tips:

  1. Tell them how important they are, often.
  2. Communicate your feelings openly.
  3. Speak the truth.
  4. Ask thoughtful questions and listen intently.
  5. Let your actions speak for themselves.
  6. Touch.

Of course, there is more to each of the steps than just the basic headlines included above. Don’t miss the full article to learn how each of these can help you further improve your relationships with all of your loved ones.

Original Source – Marcandangel

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