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24 Things Only Antisocial People Understand

1. If you can, you refuse most jobs unless you can work by yourself, in the back, or quietly (like a cook, librarian or from home). The front counter, retail or waiting tables would be pure agony. Not you:

2. You avoid complaining, giving opinions or advice…even when asked. It leads to conversation.

3. In turn, you don’t often tell your troubles to others. See reason #2 above.

4. You find yourself in mental torture weighing the pros and cons of seeing your favorite band live and

having to deal with…the masses.

5. You avoid eye contact and/or smiling for too long since it’s an invitation for people to approach you.

6. Your animals–toys or real–know how social you can be. Am I right?

7. You find yourself thinking how it’s not that you’re shy, it’s just that…you don’t care for most who speak to you.

8. In fact, you never admire the loud “alpha” dominating the room. You feel very much the opposite towards them.

9. You understand the difference between snobbery and wanting to be left in your thoughts.

10. You don’t mind that others consider you snobby, nonetheless.

11. You are a-okay with others, including your parents, siblings or friends, hogging the spotlight. You were always better working behind the scenes.

12. You lock yourself in your room…sometimes for months.

13. Have Hikikomori? After careful research: yup.

14. You find yourself wondering in what ways Hikikomori is either “concerning” or a “condition.”

15. You fantasize about moving to a country where everyone respects quietude.

16. You sometimes even refuse to register on your favorite forum threads even when you could contribute a valuable new perspective.

17. When people look into your eyes, you’re told it’s as if you’re in another world (you prefer the label “ethereal”).


18. The first time they speak to you, you’re polite. The second time, you’re terse. The third time, you literally stop speaking and avoid them. No hard feelings.

19. You say hello when you pass someone you know. Upon seeing them again, you believe they should recall your initial greeting and ignore you.

20. You find yourself questioning why others have to be so damn loud. Unless there’s a major disaster, nothing warrants it.

21. You’re exhausted after a trip to the mall: you’ve been around too many people for too long and you need to recoup.

22. Dating online comes much more naturally to you…you don’t have to speak and you can always delete.

23. You find yourself questioning why strangers still approach you…despite the disinterested looks, headphones you’re wearing and the very obvious ignores the first couple of times they attempt.

24. You know the difference between “anti-social” (an actual personality disorder for those lacking a conscience) and you: a quiet observer of the world (aka “asocial”).

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