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10 Simple Things Steve Jobs Has Taught Us

Steve Jobs was an innovator, personal computer pioneer, creative inventor of electronics and a talented businessman, and he taught corporations how to be a success in the world of electronics and personal computing. Steve Jobs had a lot of really good ideas that still affect how people do business to this day, so if you want to be a success it would be a good idea to take note of what Steve Jobs had to say.Take a look at this infographic that details the ten simple things Steve Jobs taught us, which includes:

  • Go for perfect
  • Tap the Experts
  • Be ruthless
  • Shun focus groups
  • Never stop studying
  • Simplify.
  • Keep your secrets
  • Keep teams small
  • Use more carrot than stick
  • Prototype to the extreme

Integrate all ten of these ideals into your business plan and you’ll be making the most of your business like Steve Jobs would.


Pasquale Borriello | Tim Cook is Not Worth Steve Jobs

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