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10 Key Qualities of Ultra-Successful Community Leaders

What are the key qualities of great community leaders? You’ll find them here. But meantime, allow me to share an invaluable insight — many sociologists believe that one of the most essential characteristics of community leaders is empathy. If you don’t have a natural inclination to feel for someone’s plight, you’ll not make good as a community leader.

Let’s take it at face value. A leader will not be effective if a community can’t genuinely see and feel that its leader sincerely cares. I believe in John Maxwell’s quote “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”. It perfectly illustrates my point.

Furthermore, an individual aspiring to be a community leader must have an inner desire to make a positive impact in the community he wants to serve. Without this desire emanating from his heart, he’ll not succeed in his goal to be a leader in that community.

Our featured infographic is based off of a survey conducted by Wakeforest University.



Original Source:  Wake Forest counseling

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