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These 10 Non-Existent English Words Make Other Languages Look Cool

There’s an ongoing debate on whether or not English is the most difficult language to learn. Whether or not you believe this is true, I think we can all agree that English is definitely lacking when it comes to defining things such as those listed below. In this infographic we have 10 non-existent English words along with their translation in another language.

Even though there may be words in English that can describe the things listed below, there are no direct translations. For instance, what is a word that means “to look worse after a haircut?” Sure you can say that the person looks bad, horrible or even terrible, but in Japanese they’d be defined by the word “age-tori.”

How about “singing and crying at the same time?” In English, you would use that exact expression or maybe call the person emotional, but in French the person would be defined using the word “chantepleurer.”

Let’s take a look at eight other words that don’t exist in English.

10 cool words that don’t exist in English - Infographic

Do you know any other words that exist in other languages, but not English? If so, feel free to share them in the comments.

10 cool words that don’t exist in English [Infographic] | EuroTalk Blog

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