Book Lovers Alert! Train Your Reading Muscle Today by Using”Bookout”

Book Lovers Alert! Train Your Reading Muscle Today by Using”Bookout”

As difficult as it is to get into a routine, it quickly starts to become a habit once you start to see the results. That first workout day is a drag. But you know that once you start to see some definition in your physique and the numbers are dropping on your scale, it starts to become something that you look forward to. Not only that, but it becomes second nature.

Since reading doesn’t have those obvious physical benefits, it’s hard for us to appreciate just how much of a difference that it makes for us. Reading is more like a hobby for us when it should be a habit.

There are loads of apps that keep track of your workout routines. How far you’ve gone, how many sets you’ve completed etc. But we normally don’t keep track of our progress while reading. You probably never consider how fast or how much you read because it’s just a luxury activity.


We can train our minds just like how we train our bodies

If you treat reading as a fair-weather activity then you won’t get very far. If you pick up a book, just read a few pages and return to it weeks later, you’re going to forget everything you’ve read. Now you have to reread everything to get yourself up to speed before you can continue on.

If we treated reading like a workout instead of a luxury, we could actually improve our reading skills. Essentially, we could train ourselves to increase our reading speed and input a wider variety of information in a shorter amount of time. But how?

Hit that “reading workout” with Bookout


    The workout app that keeps track of your progress! Reading is exercise for the mind and thanks to Bookout, you can keep tabs on your results!

      With help from Bookout, you can keep tracks of how many books you have read. Having a visual display of what you’ve already read will make you want to grow your list, inspiring you to read even more!


      Set reading goals for yourself and see how far you have come

      You can keep track of how much time you spend reading a day to ensure that you keep on track and improve your speed. Set goals for yourself! You can choose from monthly or yearly goals to ensure that you stay on track and even exceed your reading expectations.

        The Bookout app features graphical statistics so you always know where you stand. Having this visual cues will have to keep you focused and to inspire you to push yourself.


          When you’re done reading a book, you can even share the results with your friends! Maybe they’ll even sign up themselves, and you can share the wealth of knowledge as well as your progress!

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          Last Updated on April 6, 2020

          How To Work From Home Without Getting Distracted

          How To Work From Home Without Getting Distracted

          Both small businesses and multinational corporations in different parts of the world are rolling out work from home policies in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

          It won’t be an understatement to think this shift will become the norm for several people, given the fact that the novel coronavirus has already reached the pandemic stage, according to WHO.[1]

          While a lot of people are used to the system, several others are finding it challenging to learn how to work from home during widespread quarantines. It becomes especially difficult when there are a whole lot of distractions to manage.

          If you are one of those people, here are some top distractions that will compete with your productive time:

          • Housework
          • Family and friends
          • Email and Instant Messaging
          • Social Media and Internet Browsing
          • Phone and Texts

          How can you avoid these distractions while working from home?

          Here are some tips to help you avoid distractions and get more done while working from home.

          1. Dedicate a Space for Work

          It is highly essential to dedicate a workspace in your home.

          Peter Vandendriesse, the founder and CEO of says:

          “While it is easier to sit on a couch while working on your laptop, you can’t get it right with your sitting posture and ergonomics. And because you are closer to the TV, you can become distracted easily.”

          So how do you maximize your home office?


          You can set up a double monitor and use a work desk or a standing desk, depending on your work.

          Your workspace should be dedicated to working just like your bed is dedicated to sleeping.

          2. Isolate Yourself from Social Media

          There’s nothing as tempting as social media. You may want to stay up-to-date about the news and what your friends are up to. Try to audit your time, though, and you’ll discover that you’ve probably spent over 5 hours doing that each day.

          So how can you get away from this?

          Isolate your mobile devices if you don’t have to use the internet, and stick to your laptop. Lori Cheekd, the CEO of Cheekd, recommends using productivity apps like StayFocusd to avoid distractions. Or you can set time restrictions with the Google Chrome extension Limit. Once you have used up the time allocated, the selected websites will be blocked, and you can’t access them for the rest of the day. You can also download the best Android productivity apps and top productivity apps for iPhones .

          Another approach is to freeze social media apps on your mobile devices to focus on your work.

          3. Dress for Work

          According to Andre Fasciola, the CEO of Matcha Kari,

          “It is important to have good habits. It can be comfortable sitting in your pajamas, but you cannot be in your professional mindset in your pajamas.”

          The focus here is not how you look, but establishing and maintaining a business mindset while you work from home.

          You don’t have to wear a pencil skirt or a three-piece suit. Wear what makes you comfortable. Then follow your morning routine.


          It makes a whole lot of sense to wake up in the morning, shower, eat your breakfast, and dress up for success. That alone will create a consciousness of work instead of allowing the day just to run its course while you complete your work in between.

          4. Establish Boundaries

          It is your responsibility to train your family and friends on how to relate to you and treat your work time.

          Why is that important?

          A lot of them don’t know you work from home. You need to tell them you are not available for the long lunch or the movie break.

          Working from home is often quite advantageous. You are in charge of your schedule, and you end up creating boundaries that work for your specific position.

          5. Create Your Schedule

          Have a list of tasks you want to complete each day. Then, allocate time to achieve each task.

          If you are an ardent follower of to-dos, create one and cross off each task you complete. Don’t forget to allocate break times. That way, you can be sure of a realistic schedule.

          According to Kathi Burns of Wikihow,

          “A schedule is an effective means of staying focused, productive, and organized. You can experiment with a planner, notebook, or an app to structure your time.”[2]

          Track how much time you spend on routine activities in a spreadsheet or notebook. This act can help you to be more productive. For instance, you may be spending 5 hours on social media each day when you could have spent those hours reading.


          Not only that, but schedule your day to reflect your energy. Knock out essential tasks when your energy is high and take care of less important tasks when you are less motivated. For instance, if you feel at your best in the morning, use that time to brainstorm and attend to crucial tasks.

          6. Know When to Sign out

          One mistake that is common to everyone is that we tend to work too much while trading off other important aspects of our lives.

          This means it’s important for you to establish a fixed time and sign out when you feel you are burning out. Maximize your work hours, and enjoy your break to refresh and prepare yourself to clock back in.

          7. Plan to Exercise

          It is ideal to incorporate some physical exercises into your schedule when working from home.

          When you’re working from home, it’s easy to get lethargic and forget to get up and get moving. It’s important, then, to schedule in time when you should be exercising.

          So what can you do to stay fit and be productive?

          Exercise your muscles! You can do this both indoors and outdoors.

          It’s not only your muscles that get boosted when you exercise. Physical exercise can boost your brain performance. A workout can keep those endorphins flowing and provide you with a natural burst of energy.

          Briton University surveyed 200 employees on a day with or without exercise. Guess what the outcome was?

          Employees who exercised scored 21 percent more for a higher concentration on work, 22 percent more for work completion, and 25 percent more for finishing work without unscheduled breaks. Not only that, but they also scored 41 percent for feeling motivated on the job.[3]


          Another survey showed the significance of fitness in the work performance of about 683 workers.[4]

          You can’t attain your peak performance while working from home if you are not fit.

          So how do you stay fit?

          Try yoga, dance, or run in place. You don’t need sophisticated gadgets to exercise; just start with what you have and stay committed.

          Bonus: Find Your Focus and Eliminate Distractions

          You need to find a spot in your house where your focus is at a peak. It may be indoors or outdoors. When you find that spot, establish your workspace and reduce distractions as much as possible.

          Also, highlight your biggest distractors and devise means of eliminating them.

          Distraction remains a daunting challenge you will need to overcome when working from home. You cannot discover your focus zone if you don’t highlight your biggest distractors.

          While it may be hard to eliminate all distractions, you can reduce them by following these tips:

          • De-clutter your desk and office. Leave only items that are relevant.
          • Hang a ‘Do not disturb!’ sign when you are working on tasks that require optimal focus.
          • Close all browsers and applications that are not relevant to the tasks at hand. Put your phone on airplane mode and reply to that email later.

          You can also establish a period when you take care of all these extra activities during the day.


          If you are new to working from home, you may encounter challenges while trying to stay productive and focused. However, as you try these tips I’ve shared, you will continue to gain ascendancy over your time and work.

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