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Still Focusing On To-Do Lists? Steve Jobs Focused On A Stop-Doing List

Written by Sarah Bonander
Writer, Human Resources Professional
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Have you always made lists of things to do and found it hard to cross off everything that is on the list? And did you ever find that each time you are able to cross off a task on your list, you find another task needs to be added on your list?

It’s just a never ending process of adding and eliminating, and you find that the list is only focusing on what you need to do, but not on what you don’t need to do.

But we cannot just know what things we need to do. We also need to know the things that we don’t need to do so we can focus our attention and efforts on those that need to get done.

What is better than having a to-do list is having a stop-doing list. Steve Jobs said that Apple is Apple because of the things that they did, but also because of the things that they ignored and did not do. With a stop-doing list, you get to prioritize the things that need to get done by not doing what is not important to get done. Time is precious, so we should not alot it for something that does not need to get done.

The essence of this is, we are not only products of what we choose to do. What we choose not to do also greatly affects how our plans turn out, and if we get the results that we want or not.

I recommend having both types of lists to be successful in whatever it is that you want to achieve.

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