Top 10 Most Effective Online Tools Tailored for Students

Top 10 Most Effective Online Tools Tailored for Students

It should come as no surprise that technology has affected every sphere of human life and existence, with innovations being made that will revolutionize every facet of our daily activities as we know them. Education is no different. Over the years, online resources and tools have made immense contributions to education and other knowledge-related purposes. These tools are advantageous not only because they are online and therefore, easily accessible and convenient to operate, but also because, due to the fact that information technology is a development that is favored among kids, these resources have made learning interesting and have provided avenues for quick remembrance when kids learn and acquire vast knowledge. Today, one can find a plethora of both free and paid online resources and tools for students and even teachers and course facilitators who desire to enlarge their knowledge base. Although a particular student might prefer a certain type of tool for his (or her) study practices, there are also online tools that are universally accepted, widely patronized and highly relevant to whichever type of student decides to make use of them.

In order to enable students to find the very best online study tools that will ease the learning process, we have compiled a list of 10 tools that can offer top-quality teaching techniques and lessons and which are guaranteed to help boost their grades.


1. Grammarly

Writing doesn’t come naturally to all of us, but it’s a necessary part of studying at uni. Grammarly can give you a little helping hand and will check your punctuation and grammar to ensure it reads well. This could be useful if English is not your first language.

2. Study Guide Zone

Admittedly, this website looks a tad too old and archaic. However, there are only a few sites out there that offer better reading and educative tools. If you’re struggling with grades or finding it difficult to understand a subject, Study Guide Tools can definitely be of assistance. It can also help you adequately prepare for exams like the SAT, TOEFL, and ACT, among others.


3. EssayHub

EssayHub is arguably the world’s leader in online creative writing development. It is a platform that can help you develop and hone your writing and literary skills. To use EssayHub, all you need to do is register, and you’ll receive extensive online classes and tutorial sessions on how to become a better writer. EssayHub is actually more impressive than other writing services, because it includes exhaustive classes, an unlimited repertoire of exercises and classes and a refund policy, in case you’re still not impressed after a trial period (a phenomenon which is guaranteed to never happen). For assistance in developing and enhancing your writing, EssayHub is a sure helping hand.

4. Compass Learning

Compass Learning is an impressive website that helps tutors to better comprehend the strengths, weak spots and general psychology of every student. It aims at helping them better personalize their teaching methods so as to be able to meet the specific educational needs of each and every student and head him on the right path based on his personal characteristics.


5. Coursera

This is another undoubtedly useful website for learning and educational development. Here, students can find courses offered by prestigious and highly-ranked universities and colleges. They can find courses in almost every field: humanities, pure sciences, social sciences, applied sciences, etc. It is highly useful for students who need to broaden their understanding on a course or find information for projects and other assignments.

6. Alison is a website that was designed with one simple aim: to help students gain access to simple, free and high quality educative information and materials. Basically, all you require is a hunger for knowledge, and Alison can provide you with the right tools to help yourself.


7. E-Learning Center

E-Learning Center is a comprehensive and all-purpose website that will provide you with many learning tools related to the fields of Web Development and Information Technology. There are tools which are only accessible for specified fees, although even the free materials will go a long way in helping you develop your knowledge.


On FindTutorials, you can find just about anything you need. This website tracks and collects information on tutorials all over the web and provides them to you. Other users rank and rate the different tutorials offered, which aids your decision process and makes it easier for you to choose the ideal tutorial for you.

9. Course Buffet

Basically, what this site does is to open your eyes to a world of exhaustive materials related to your field of inquiry, thereby relieving you of the stress of wandering around from site to site.

10. Getting Smart

As the name implies, Getting Smart helps you to improve the effectiveness of your study routine by leading you in different effective methods and techniques that will increase study concepts, memory retention, comprehension, etc.

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Last Updated on February 15, 2019

How to Achieve Goals and Increase Your Chance of Success

How to Achieve Goals and Increase Your Chance of Success

Does it ever feel like the things you want to accomplish always end up on the back burner? If the answer to that question is “yes,” you’re not alone. Only about 33% of people consistently work toward their goals. In some cases, their goals may seem too lofty to accomplish, or else they aren’t sure how to make a plan for them.

If you don’t come up with concrete steps to take toward your goals, they’ll remain dreams. There’s nothing wrong with being a dreamer, but being able to turn your dreams into goals you can realize will help you lead a happier and more fulfilling life.

Luckily, you can realize almost any dream when you harness the right goal-setting methods.

In this article, I’ll show you how to achieve goals and get closer you success.

1. Break your dreams down into specific and measurable steps

We couldn’t talk about goal-setting without mentioning SMART goals.

SMART goals are specific, measurable, assignable, realistic, and time-related.

Specific and measurable steps are so important because if we don’t know what our target it, how can we ever hit it?

Take all those beautiful dreams you have for yourself and make them into things you can actually do. If you want to be an entrepreneur, for example, a step toward realizing your dream might be researching what you’ll need to start your business.

Find out more tips about utilizing SMART goals here:

How to Use SMART Goal to Become Highly Successful in Life


2. Have at least one clearly defined goal for every interest and role in your life

It’s so easy to become complacent or stagnate. We often think that our careers are the only places where we need to set goals, but we aren’t only what we do.

To make the most of your life, take the approach that you’re always learning and growing in everything you do. Anything worth doing is worth doing well after all.

Set goals whether you’re sponsoring an activity for your child, taking up guitar lessons or trying to prove your worth at work.

You’ll notice that this approach forces you to constantly develop new skills. It can also be fulfilling to put more focus and value into all areas of your life— not just the ones related to our careers.

3. Align your goals with your life’s mission, purpose and passion

Take the opportunity to do some soul-searching. What is it that you want to do with this precious life of yours?

Anything that conflicts with your life’s purpose is bound to cause discontent. Staying in a bad relationship, doing a job that goes against your values, or maintaining the status quo just because it’s comfortable are not options for you.

Thinking about your goals in this way can help you eliminate things in your life that don’t serve you. This frees up mental space that you can use to do the things you care about the most.

Many of us struggle to find the time to work on our goals, but this strategy enables you to make more time.

4. Create goals that ignite your spirit and inspire you to take action

If you can’t be fired up about your goals from the start, they might not be good goals for you.

The road to success is often tough. You’re going to have times when you might feel tired or discouraged.


You need to feel inspired enough that you’ll be able to overcome obstacles as you encounter them.

If what you’re doing motivates you to be the greatest version of yourself, you’ll be much more resilient.

5. Write down all your goals in specific, measurable detail

This is your road map for what success will look like. The more you define what you want the finished product to be, the greater the chance that you’ll reach that vision.

When you write down your goals, you’re creating a document that you can revisit to make sure you’re on track.

When you’re in the middle of trying to achieve a big goal, it can be hard to see what’s working for you. The things you write in this step will help you stay on-message as you take your goals out of your mind and into the real world.

Don’t just write down your goals and stash them away in a folder somewhere. Take the extra step to put them somewhere where you’ll see them.[1]

If you have too many goals to post on your desk, write a summary or choose one or two steps to work on for the day. Just seeing them will keep them in the front of your mind.

6. Commit to hitting each of your targets without exception

You wouldn’t have created the target if you didn’t think it was necessary. Hold yourself accountable for taking the steps to succeed.

You can always adapt your strategy or break your targets into smaller steps if you find that they aren’t attainable as you originally wrote them.

Hitting even the smallest target is cause for a celebration. It’s a step in the positive direction. Your success will make you crave more success.


We often make excuses when we get tired or overwhelmed. Take away the option to make excuses. You will only be satisfied with the best effort from yourself.

7. Share your goals with others to motivate each other

There’s something so powerful about people sharing their goals and dreams with one another. Doing so gives voice to some part of us that could remain hidden (and therefore never be accomplished).

When other people know about your goals, they can cheer you on and hold you accountable. When people share their vision with you, you can do the same for them.

This strategy is particularly beneficial when you’re trying to develop healthy habits. Post about your workout on social media, or do a healthy eating challenge with your best friend. You’ll be less likely to slack when temptation arises, and you’ll probably encourage someone else to reach for their goals too.

8. Set a series of daily, weekly and long-term goals, complete with starting times and deadlines

Many goals never reach realization simply because the goal-setter doesn’t check their progress. People tend to forget what they set out to do, or their goal gets crowded out by other obligations.

Forcing yourself to revisit your goals at regular intervals breaks them into smaller steps and it reminds you to think about them.

Giving yourself regular deadlines for smaller tasks related to your goals also helps you reflect on your strategy. You’ll figure out what works for you, whether your timeline is realistic, and whether or not you need additional help to stay on track.

In addition, celebrating small wins helps you stay motivated. Here’s how:

How To Celebrate Small Wins To Achieve Big Goals

9. Take 10 minutes every day to imagine how great it will feel to achieve your goals

Visualization is such a powerful tool. Some of the most successful athletes, celebrities and business people take time each day to think about how success looks and feels for them.[2] Imagining that feeling of satisfaction can be a great motivator.


When you do meet your goals, take some time to be grateful. Thank yourself for showing up and doing the work. Be grateful when the stars align properly to help you advance to the next step.

It’s not just getting to the destination of your goals that matters. How you take the journey is important too.

10. Take an action step toward reaching your goals every day

Your goals can easily get buried in the hustle and the bustle. Even the smallest step in the right direction is still moving you forward.

Keep chipping away at the work every day and before long, you’ll start to see those dreams come to life.

Maybe you didn’t start your business today but you designed the logo that’s going to go on your website and business cards. Doing that task well is going to help you so much in the long run.

Concrete actions day by day draw your dreams out of obscurity and into the realm of possibility.

The Bottom Line

Dreams can inspire and overwhelm us. By turning our dreams into goals that we can work toward, we increase our chances of success. Things that once seemed impossible are suddenly within reach.

It’s time to start turning your dreams into goals and your goals into realities. Change begins today.

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