7 Tools For Digital Marketers

7 Tools For Digital Marketers

A digital marketer needs to use numerous tools including analytics, technical skills, data visualization, teamwork, and social media. However, managing all of these together can take up a lot of money and time.

For this reason, here are the seven most essential tools that digital marketers should make use of!

1. Coschedule

This is a calendar for marketing and can help to promote, plan, execute, and finally automate digital marketing.

This is done by eliminating the complex spreadsheets, miscommunication, and disconnected workflows while creating visibility in the projects.

Coschedule acts as the central location for your inbound marketing since it brings together marketing projects, content marketing, social media marketing, and blog management.


2. Time Doctor

This is a time management tool which provides you with the insights that you should be aware of regarding the things that are going on with the business at all times.

This tool helps the clients to know the amount of time they are spending on a particular thing. Consequently, users can make changes accordingly to increase the productivity.

Features of this tool includes payroll modules, the option to see apps and websites used for work, time tracking, and a login portal to see the work that clients have done.

3. Skimlinks

This tool helps the marketers by providing them the power to create compelling content.

This is done by facilitating insights about the type of content which performs the best and also guides you on what the clients expect.


Skimlinks is accompanied by numerous features with which your earning increases exponentially while the data which is generated helps to make extra cash from the sales of premium ads.

If you have insight about the product the customers want, then your content is going to be much better. Consequently, the customers will make more purchases.

4. Infusionsoft

This is a software that helps in marketing and sales automation, and the purpose of it is to help the small businesses flourish.

With the aid of this software, you can improve the conversion rates, attract new people, manage each step of the sales process, master e-commerce, and save time so that you can do more work.

Moreover, with this software, you can know the tactics of other successful digital marketers, which you can then implement to your business.


5. Crowdfire

This is a friend management app for Instagram and Twitter and eases the process of gaining followers.

This app not only lets you clear your accounts but also helps to expand them.

This is done by scheduling posts, sending customizable messages through automated direct messaging, copying the people who follow your competitors’ account and by keeping track of individuals who follow you once you follow them.

6. Hightail

This tool is for getting feedback, sharing files, and for converting your marketing project from a mere idea to completion.

Hightail is a tool that permits the most creative digital marketing teams to work together on the greatest marketing campaigns for your business.


This is facilitated by providing the teams with an opportunity to work faster and by providing them a place where they can store the project files so that all members of the team can access it.

7. Basecamp

The primary purpose of Basecamp is to ensure that you stay on the right track during your marketing campaign.

It is quite easy to be distracted unless you use the correct tools for organization and communication. The tool lets you run your marketing campaign without turning to meetings, texts, and emails.

Moreover, this tool keeps the entire team on board and organized every step of the way, thus allowing you to complete your marketing projects efficiently. Consequently, potential problems that arise can be taken care of instantly.

The tool can also improve all of the elements of your marking campaign by keeping your top priorities available on the front line at all times.

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Last Updated on August 15, 2018

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Video Summary

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                      29. Make a summer smoothie

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