A General Guide to Disputing Your Public Record In New York

A General Guide to Disputing Your Public Record In New York

We live in a time where so much information is available online. This can be both a positive and a negative depending on the situation. For example, if you need helpful resources to help guide your research or to find a solution, then online information can be an asset. However, with personal information being inputted online, it can fall into the wrong hands. This just ends up being a huge headache when trying to get things removed. Today, instead of talking about the negatives, let’s explore how the Internet can be used to access your private records and remove any inconsistent information.

First, you need to be aware that some information by law will be online to protect everyone interacting with each other. For example, imagine you’re renting a home to someone and need to make sure they’ll pay on time, you can access this information easily. If you are doing business with a company and want to ensure they are registered, you’ll be able to do a quick search online and find all the information you need. Some other information available by law are tax liens, registered voter files, business licenses, and property tax assessor files.


Now you’re ready to dispute something on your file, so follow these steps:

Visit the County Clerk Office

Head over to your county clerk’s office to find out what forms should be filled out, where to obtain them, and what exactly is on your record. You’ll learn how some information can be found online. I would recommend the county clerk’s office, as this is the correct way of disputing a public record. For example, the process to dispute a criminal record might be different than that of disputing a tax lien or bankruptcy decision.


Just to be on the correct side of disputes, I always recommend visiting your county clerk to pick their brains about how to correctly file a dispute.

Online Background Check

There are many services which will streamline the entire process so you know exactly what government office you should visit afterward. There is a slight fee involved, however, the headache of having to do research on your own is not worth it so I would suggest visiting online background check sites. You’ll learn what’s on your record and then can do a quick search to find out how the record can be removed. If you have a criminal record, then you know to visit the state’s division of criminal justice. For a civil lien and small claims record, you’ll need to visit the courthouse in the state where the lien judgment was received.


If you are trying to locate the proper forms for a dispute, then here is a great site that provides you with a complete listing of resources for New York public records.

Waiting Period

Once you’ve filed the proper paperwork, you have a waiting period involved. It’s hard to say how long this period will take since it really depends on the proper department that is confirming all your information. Not only that, some public records will have a waiting period before they can be removed. In New York, this process is called clemency, and the waiting period will depend on the conviction or type of dispute[1] you are trying to get removed.


At this point, I would just recommend you move forward with your life because you cannot control the rate at which any dispute form will be approved. It’s up to the department and/or internal agency how long they’ll take to confirm all information submitted.

Final Thoughts

Having disputes removed from your file is a good thing because it helps build your credibility when applying for work, renting a home, or even doing business. Imagine how difficult it would be to apply for a job with a criminal conviction on your file? I have provided resources on how you start the process of disputing your public records, so if this is something you want to do then get started now.

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[1]New York State: Apply for Clemency

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Last Updated on October 22, 2018

Do You Have to Give Everything Up to Get a Fresh Start?

Do You Have to Give Everything Up to Get a Fresh Start?

There is a common belief that when you want to embark or start on something new, whether it be a project, a hobby, a job or some big life change, a certain sacrifice must be made. “Out with the old, and in with the new” as they say. It’s almost as if we’re not capable of handling more than what we already have unless we let go of something. But is that really always the case?

When I was young, I took up violin lessons. I enjoyed playing the violin, but when I saw a friend playing the guitar, I got interested in that and wanted to start playing the guitar. My parents however, insisted that I continue with violin lessons and felt I should give my full attention to one instrument, rather than a few; they didn’t believe in being a Jack of all trades. And so sadly, I never got to take up guitar lessons.

Afraid of Giving it Up?

Have you found yourself in a similar circumstance? Perhaps you’re at a crossroad right now, and you’re trying to decide on whether to stay on in your current job, or move on to something completely different.

You’re not truly doing something you love or are passionate about, and so you want to make that change… but it’s a risky plunge.

You’re going to have to sacrifice everything that you’ve worked for over the years. You’re going to have to say goodbye to that big salary, the benefits that comes with the job, and you’re going to have to adjust to the changes.


Thinking of all that is already detering you from stepping out to take that plunge, isn’t it?

Or maybe you have many responsibilities in life and little time for yourself. You have a spouse and children to take care of, maybe you’ve even got aging parents to think of.

At work, you’ve got subordinates waiting on you for advice. As a leader, you have to manage the team. You’ve got conference calls in different time zones to take, business trips to make, decisions to execute.

You have a lot on your plate, and you wish you could just set aside some time to enjoy the pleasures in life. Golf more, take the kids out more, go on vacations more.

Sure, if you wanted all that time, you could take on a lower paying job that would require less of your time. But that would mean a big pay cut and less comfort in your life. If not, you’ll just have to wait till retirement.


Play It Safe and Regret It Later

In these situations, it usually feels like an all or nothing approach. And, it then becomes the ‘smart’ thing to just ignore the challenge and stay put. Unless you’re overly confident that things are going to work out, or that you have a back up plan in place, most people never truly dare to take on new opportunities after a certain age or stage in life for fear of losing out, falling behind or having to give up whatever it is that they’ve already accomplished thus far.

But this is also where many individuals end up feeling regret much later on in life, perhaps as they approach retirement and have a sense of unfulfillment. There is an emptiness or a lack that they start feeling because they never answered their ‘calling’ or satisfied their heart’s desires. You may end up feeling short changed and unhappy with how things have turned out.

Most people end up feeling more bitter over the regrets of not having done or tried something, rather than in the mistakes they made when they tried something. It’s always the ‘what ifs’ that will go on to haunt you.

No Sacrifice Needed!

The good news is, you don’t actually have to make such a big sacrifice when it comes to change! You can carry on with your existing way of life, your job or your responsibilities while changing or doing something new.

It’s really not that hard because everything that you do in life, whether it’s your career, relationships or even health, are driven by 7 Cornerstone Skills. These are 7 qualities that if you have them, can make you excel at anything. And we already have most, if not all, of these 7 Cornerstone Skills; we just don’t always know how to use them to the best of our abilities.


Unfortunately, some of us may not even know the importance of these Cornerstone Skills, and how just sharpening one skill can significantly improve the wellbeing of your life.

If you’re that busy professional with far too much on your plate, thinking there’s nothing you can do to lighten the weight so that you can breathe a little and have time to enjoy life, then think again.

Because I can show you some proven techniques that will improve your Focus significantly, and the way you manage your Time. You’ll end up investing in more time, than spending time unnecessarily, thus giving you the ability to enjoy some of that time for yourself.

By learning to Learn again, you’ll be able to grasp knowledge a lot quicker, allowing you to manage your responsibilities in a smart manner.

These are just 3 of the 7 Cornerstone Skills that I’ve mentioned. By harnessing the potential of all 7, you will realize that if you truly want to achieve a certain goal or ambition, you need not worry about having to trade off a certain aspect of your life.  Instead, you’ll be able to work around things, or improve things even faster because of the skills that you’ve now enhanced from understanding how these 7 Cornerstone Skills work together.


Making a life improvement, career switch or new goal pursuit can easily happen without risky trade-offs once you know how to harness your Cornerstone Skills into your existing life.

Ready to learn more about the 7 Cornerstone Skills and find out why they’re so important? Subscribe to our newsletter today and begin making that change you’ve been wanting to, without sacrifices!

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