Best Apps For Video Streaming

Best Apps For Video Streaming

What are the best Android apps for streaming videos online? There are many apps that allow Android users to stream movies and TV shows on their devices for free. One good thing about these apps is that most of them are free and very flexible to use.

Here are some of the most popular apps which offer hundreds of movies and TV shows at your fingertips.


SPB TV is a fantastic app that gives you a mix of content from across the globe. The manufacturer of Android smartphones, tablets, and Android TV can enjoy up to 300 television stations with this app.


To have a better viewing experience, you will need to have LTE, Wi-Fi, and 3G Internet connection. This app has more than five million subscribers.


Crackle is the place to view your favorite free TV, movies and exclusive originals. You don’t need to pay before viewing the stations. So skip the daily grind and tune into your favorite comedy, drama, and action films. Watch Crackle on all your devices such as iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, PlayStation, Xbox and much more. Make a note of your favorite movies and TV shows to watch later. Register a free account to book your place, and resume playback where you left off on any device. No authentication or cable subscription needed.

View exciting original programs like Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Joe Dirt 2, and Sports Jeopardy.



Hulu allows you to watch movies and paid TV shows on their Android phones or smartphones platforms for free of charge. This app has all the latest and classic shows, movies, and recent children programs.

Well, there is no subscription fee for the free version of Hulu, to get complete access to app’s collections you will have to pay $9 a month with an advertisement or $12 in a month without ads.


Showbox app becomes more popular by the day. It is known as one of the best free applications on Android for movie viewing.


Showbox features a surprising appendix with vast collections of over 12,000 movies and TV programs. They update the databases on a regular basis. Showbox also allows you to download the movies and watch them offline. This app is not available on Google Play, but you can download it from their official site. It has more than 12 million active subscribers.

Above all Showbox app is still the best for watching in HD quality at no cost. This one of the apps you cannot afford to miss on out on.


Toonmania is an excellent app that is specifically manufactured and designed to watch anime and cartoons with ease. This app has a wide choice of dubbed Anime, Cartoons, and Anime Cartoon Movies. The original and clean layout of this app allows you to navigate everything quickly and easily find what you are searching for.


Recently, Toonmania is not available at the Google Play Store. However, you can download the APK file of this app from Aptoide.


Crunchyroll, Inc. is an American website and worldwide online group with the aims on video streaming Asian media comprising anime, manga, drama, music, electronic entertainment, and auto racing content. Developed in 2006 by University of California, Berkeley graduates, Crunchyroll’s distribution station and partnership program offer content to over twenty million online members worldwide. The owner of Crunchyroll is Otter Media, a joint venture between AT&T, The Chernin community, and TV Tokyo. Crunchyroll offers over 200 anime shows, more than 200 Asian dramas, and 50 manga titles to explore although not all of them are available worldwide due to licensing restrictions. These are good apps you will love to have on your phone.

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Last Updated on May 14, 2019

8 Replacements for Google Notebook

8 Replacements for Google Notebook

Exploring alternatives to Google Notebook? There are more than a few ‘notebooks’ available online these days, although choosing the right one will likely depend on just what you use Google Notebook for.

  1. Zoho Notebook
    If you want to stick with something as close to Google Notebook as possible, Zoho Notebook may just be your best bet. The user interface has some significant changes, but in general, Zoho Notebook has pretty similar features. There is even a Firefox plugin that allows you to highlight content and drop it into your Notebook. You can go a bit further, though, dropping in any spreadsheets or documents you have in Zoho, as well as some applications and all websites — to the point that you can control a desktop remotely if you pare it with something like Zoho Meeting.
  2. Evernote
    The features that Evernote brings to the table are pretty great. In addition to allowing you to capture parts of a website, Evernote has a desktop search tool mobil versions (iPhone and Windows Mobile). It even has an API, if you’ve got any features in mind not currently available. Evernote offers 40 MB for free accounts — if you’ll need more, the premium version is priced at $5 per month or $45 per year. Encryption, size and whether you’ll see ads seem to be the main differences between the free and premium versions.
  3. Net Notes
    If the major allure for Google Notebooks lays in the Firefox extension, Net Notes might be a good alternative. It’s a Firefox extension that allows you to save notes on websites in your bookmarks. You can toggle the Net Notes sidebar and access your notes as you browse. You can also tag websites. Net Notes works with Mozilla Weave if you need to access your notes from multiple computers.
  4. i-Lighter
    You can highlight and save information from any website while you’re browsing with i-Lighter. You can also add notes to your i-Lighted information, as well as email it or send the information to be posted to your blog or Twitter account. Your notes are saved in a notebook on your computer — but they’re also synchronized to the iLighter website. You can log in to the site from any computer.
  5. Clipmarks
    For those browsers interested in sharing what they find with others, Clipmarks provides a tool to select clips of text, images and video and share them with friends. You can easily syndicate your finds to a whole list of sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Digg. You can also easily review your past clips and use them as references through Clipmarks’ website.
  6. UberNote
    If you can think of a way to send notes to UberNote, it can handle it. You can clip material while browsing, email, IM, text message or even visit the UberNote sites to add notes to the information you have saved. You can organize your notes, tag them and even add checkboxes if you want to turn a note into some sort of task list. You can drag and drop information between notes in order to manage them.
  7. iLeonardo
    iLeonardo treats research as a social concern. You can create a notebook on iLeonardo on a particular topic, collecting information online. You can also access other people’s notebooks. It may not necessarily take the place of Google Notebook — I’m pretty sure my notes on some subjects are cryptic — but it’s a pretty cool tool. You can keep notebooks private if you like the interface but don’t want to share a particular project. iLeonardo does allow you to follow fellow notetakers and receive the information they find on a particular topic.
  8. Zotero
    Another Firefox extension, Zotero started life as a citation management tool targeted towards academic researchers. However, it offers notetaking tools, as well as a way to save files to your notebook. If you do a lot of writing in Microsoft Word or Open Office, Zotero might be the tool for you — it’s integrated with both word processing software to allow you to easily move your notes over, as well as several blogging options. Zotero’s interface is also available in more than 30 languages.

I’ve been relying on Google Notebook as a catch-all for blog post ideas — being able to just highlight information and save it is a great tool for a blogger.


In replacing it, though, I’m starting to lean towards Evernote. I’ve found it handles pretty much everything I want, especially with the voice recording feature. I’m planning to keep trying things out for a while yet — I’m sticking with Google Notebook until the Firefox extension quits working — and if you have any recommendations that I missed when I put together this list, I’d love to hear them — just leave a comment!



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