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Design, Environmental Protection

5 Things to Know Before You Build Your Dream House

Written by Victor Emmanuel
Creative Writer
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The goal of every individual or couple is to own their dream house, but the process can be complicated. Most people prefer their ideal home to be located in a natural and quiet environment, free from daily traffic jams and urban noises. Some clients have very good knowledge of the construction process and management of construction of their house while some clients have no knowledge of construction which could make the process difficult and more expensive because they lack the technical know-how. So, it is necessary to provide the basic guide to achieving the dream of owning your home. Here we outline five necessary steps to take into account to build your house:

1. Hire an architect

Before building your dream house, the first thing to consider is to get an architect. An architect is a construction professional that is trained to listen to your ideas and bring it to reality. He/she is saddled with the responsibility to design a house tailored to your tastes and budget, from the initial stage of construction to the completion stage and also saving time and money.

2. Get a plot

A very important point to consider before building your dream house is a plot of land. Before buying a plot, you have to take into account some important details such as budget involved to acquire such plot. Followed by the necessary facilities (electricity, telephone, water, gas, sanitation…) Every plot has certain charges which are called the urbanization charges. These charges indicate the plot has both economic and work with the municipal regulations. All this information can easily be obtained in the city council of each municipality by the architect to reduce stress from the client.

3. Choose the system of construction

Based on the current trend of technology in development a lot of methods of construction have been introduced which are more efficient, effective and limit the time of construction. You could decide to use the normal sand crate block, pre-cast concrete, reinforced concrete, wood panels, which are solid wood panels cut by a numerical control in a workshop to suit the client taste. But nevertheless, these depend on certain factors such as location, topography of the plot, weather condition, budget of the client and lot more. With the guidance of an architect, the best efficient construction system will be achieved.

4. Get the project started

Once the plot is purchased, the next step is documentation to obtain the necessary license composed of the plans that describe the works in compliance with regulations. Then the construction can start, by mobilizing all the materials needed for construction such as the plants and equipment through hiring to save cost, setting out and going through each detail of the design to become a reality. At this stage, it is important to dedicate your time to this process. The architect can give you contacts of people to supervise or manage the project for you.

5. The terms

One of the most important success factors in constructing your dream house is meeting the required deadlines and the average duration of a construction to take place is between 2 and four months, depending on the size of the house and the system of construction employed in construction. At this stage, the building must have been to get completed to the taste of the client. Last but not least is that the architect or technical architect should always ensure to take care of the correct execution of your work and will make sure that the budget is adjusted to the one originally planned.

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With this information, your dreams of being a proud owner of a house will no doubt become a reality.

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