Want To Sell Your RV? Then Read This.

Want To Sell Your RV? Then Read This.

People buy recreational vehicles in order to have their own large vehicle when they go on vacation. However, such vehicles are often used for short period of time and are then either sold or rented out.

Selling an RV

Buying and selling RVs are both quite simple processes. As a seller, you need to find the buyer to connect with and pitch them your product, and if the deal is done, you sell.

This has, however, changed over time. The process has become much more complex than it was in the past. In modern times, there are businesses which have popped up as a result of a simple concept: they can make money by helping people buy and sell new and used products. These businesses charge vendors some percentage of sales, which generates revenue for them.


But, for each platform, the question is: does the platform do what it is meant to do?

For example, classifieds, both online and in print, are a tried-and-true method for selling and buying used and new items, so they are a good option.

Selling RVs Through Classified Ads

The objective of classifieds is to remove the dealers, retailers, and agents who can act as middlemen and to let the seller and buyer fix a deal directly. The whole process looks like it would be as clean as a mirror, but that is not what people experience in real life.


After a little bit of research and analysis, we can say that classifieds succeed in fulfilling the objectives of buyers and sellers to some extent, but overall, they’re not a wise selection.

By placing or responding to classified ads, you could find yourself dealing with uncomfortable situations, crazy people, infinite phone calls, emails that sound more like harassment, fraudulent situations, and often, unsuccessful negotiations.

Because of these types of situations, classified ads offer more negatives than positives, and many people have started avoiding classifieds as much as possible.


Selling Through Friends and Family

There is another method which people utilise in order to avoid classified ads: approaching friends, colleagues or family members who are on the market for or who have contacts interested in the items, whether they are electronic gadgets, cars, household appliances, furniture, RVs or anything else.

But, this method too has its negatives, including the possibility of estranged friends or colleagues if any problem arises after completion of a transaction.

The buyer thinks that the seller benefits, while the seller thinks that the buyer benefits from the relationship. However, a clear sale of the item means that responsibility for the item has been fully transferred to the new owner of the item.


Selling Through RV Consignment Programs

So, if you are thinking, “how can I sell my RV?” or “how can I sell my RV fast?” then you should look for an RV consignment program. In general, programs like this come with numerous benefits.

  • RV consignment programs can get the seller a better price if he/she is willing to wait for the right buyer, and vice versa.
  • The seller and buyer can take advantage of the solid business history, reach and huge customer base of the RV consignment program provider.
  • The seller/buyer can avoid hassles which may otherwise arise when dealing with prospective buyers/sellers.
  • Some RV consignment program providers offer outright purchasing.
  • Some of them even have professional drivers to pick up/drop off newly bought/sold RVs anywhere in your country.

It’s up to you what method you prefer. You can choose whether you want to go with the old, traditional classifieds method, try your references, or opt for the best alternative as compared to both of these: the RV consignment program.

So if you own a Class A RV and want to sell it, follow the above tips, and you can be on your way toward making money. Make sure you select the best method for your needs, or you will regret in the end.

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Last Updated on August 15, 2018

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