Don’t Only Drink When You Feel Thirsty. It’d Be Too Late!

Don’t Only Drink When You Feel Thirsty. It’d Be Too Late!

When you realize the implications of dehydration, you know that it can interfere with a lot of your daily life. You become irritable and annoyed when you’re haven’t been drinking enough water. Not only that, you can confuse your thirst for hunger, leading you to eat more. Unless you’re always reaching for healthy snacks, this will affect your diet. Here’s how you can avoid getting hunger confused with thirst.

What you thought were normal cravings

Some cravings that you may consider normal are really your body’s way of asking you for water, and sugar is one of them. The next time you get a taste for something sweet, you should grab water first. Being dehydrated can cause emotional distress that causes you to reach for carbohydrates. When you eat sugary foods you may be trying to increase your serotonin levels. A steady flow of serotonin is what you’re looking for; it makes you happy and feel pleasure. A cycle of mood swings occurs when your leave your dehydration unaddressed.


Listen to your body

So, how do you know when you’re becoming dehydrated? You may sense that your mouth becomes dry. By this time, your body is already screaming for water. Dehydration also results as fatigue, dizziness, muscle cramps, dry skin, foggy thinking, and your muscles grow tired more easily. Less water means less blood pressure and headaches, and possible rapid heart beat because your body pumps harder when it has less blood. Your body gives you plenty of signals that you’ll need to pay attention to. Only having a small amount of concentrated urine or going 12 hours without urinating is a signal that something is wrong. Staying hydrated so that you never feel thirsty is the best way to go.

Dehydration in winter

You always have to drink enough water year round. Even during wintertime, dehydration can be an issue. Because your body isn’t as hot as usual, you lose water faster during exercise. Your sweat evaporates more quickly in the cold, which can cause you to become dehydrated more quickly than you realize. If you think you’ll be in the cold for more than a couple of hours, properly prepare your body with water. Heavy clothes combined with high intensity movement is a recipe for dehydration.


There is no substitution for water

Going even just one day without water can have a negative impact on your health. Sipping on water throughout the day can cause you to drink much more water than you would otherwise. The importance of drinking water only becomes more important as you age. Sugary drinks that claim to have the proper amount of electrolytes aren’t sufficient for when you’re thirsty. If you think you’re hungry, just drink one or two glasses of water first. If you feel a significant difference after that, your body was just thirsty for water. True hunger lasts even after you have a stomach full of water.

Implications to your health

You can safely assume that your body is going to be far more acidic than alkaline if you’re not drinking enough water. This pattern of behavior will lead to a number of health issues. For example, you can develop stomach ulcers from not having the proper mucous lining within your stomach. The mucous lining is mainly water and it forms a protective barrier against the acidity of the digestive process. Also, if you’re thirsty and dehydrated, there’s not enough water to eliminate toxins. Excess toxins in the body leads weight gain, constipation, nausea, and more.Keeping the body hydrated has a positive effect on your metabolism. If you plan on staying fit and healthy, water plays a large role in that. Many people opt for bottled water thinking they’re making the most intelligent choice for their health. However, a study on bottled water was conducted by Environmental Working Group (EWG) in 2011 and revealed some very interesting findings.[1] The independent test showed that there were 38 chemicals in bottled drinking water with an average of 8 chemicals per bottle. Substances such as disinfection byproducts, Tylenol, and even arsenic were found in the water.


For the sake of your health and happiness, do your due diligence to locate the purest source of water. Remember that when you start to feel hungry that it’s not just food your body requires. Drinking water before each meal is good way to make sure you get the proper amount of water and avoid dehydration. Remember that sugary drinks have no place in your exercise regimen and don’t help you replace lost fluids. Find a way to work drinking the purest water into your life.

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Last Updated on October 18, 2018

10 Benefits of Sleeping Naked You Probably Didn’t Know

10 Benefits of Sleeping Naked You Probably Didn’t Know

Sleeping is one of the most important things we do every night.

Getting the right amount of sleep has an untold number of health benefits and not getting enough sleep is a serious problem in many countries around the world.

So you should have heard of the many benefits of getting adequate sleep, but did you know that you can get additional benefits by sleeping naked?

Here are some benefits of sleeping in the nude:


Video Summary

1. It is easier.

When you don’t have to worry about sleeping in clothes, things start to get easier. You don’t have to buy pajamas, which can save you money. You have less clothes to wash and less clothes to put away. You may have to clean your bed sheets more often, but not nearly as often as you’d have to wash your pajamas when you run out.

2. It forces you to be ready to go more often.

Some people get off of work, change into their pajamas, and use this as an excuse to stay home the rest of the evening. This can lead to a more sedentary lifestyle, which has been attributed to things like weight gain.[1] When you keep your regular clothes on, you tend to go out more often and that’s a good thing.

3. It can make you feel happier and more free.

Just imagine the feeling of laying in bed naked. You’re free of your pants and underwear. Women, you’re not wearing a constrictive bra. It’s just you sandwiched between two cool sheets. The feeling just makes you want to smile and it makes you feel more free. Everyone can use that kind of good feeling every now and then, and it may even help you be happier as a person.

4. Skin-on-skin contact is the best.


    If you’re married, or living with your significant other, sleeping naked gives a greater chance of skin-on-skin contact, especially when it comes to cuddling. This kind of contact can also lead to a more active sex life. All of this releases copious amounts of oxytocin, which is the neurotransmitter that helps you feel those good feelings about your significant other.[2]

    5. It could lead to better sleep.

    Let’s revisit the scenario I described above. There are no drawstrings or clothes getting tangled in sheets. You don’t have to worry about shirts getting twisted. All of these distractions go away when you sleep naked and it may help you get better, deeper sleep. You don’t need science to tell you that better, deeper sleep only helps you be healthier.

    6. It can help your skin.

    For once your body gets to breathe. Your private parts, armpits, and feet are generally restricted all day and are often covered by multiple layers, even in the summer time. Give those parts a chance to air out and breathe. This can lower the risk of skin diseases, like athlete’s foot, that result from wet, restricted skin.[3]

    7. It helps you regulate your cortisol.

    Cortisol is a very strange chemical in the body but it can do a lot of damage. When you sleep naked, it helps keep your body temperature at the optimal ranges so your body can better create cortisol. If you sleep overheated your cortisol levels tend to stay high, even after you wake up. This can lead to increased anxiety, cravings for bad food, weight gain, and more terrible things.[4] Sleep naked so you can keep your body temperature down and sleep well so your body can properly produce and regulate cortisol.


    8. It balances your melatonin and growth hormone.

    Continuing along that same vein, keeping your sleeping environment below 70 degrees (F) every night can help your body regulate its melatonin and growth hormone levels. These chemicals help the body do things like prevent aging and are essential to good health. When you sleep in clothes, your body heats up and prevents effective use of these hormones. In other words, sleeping with clothes on makes you grow old faster.

    9. It can keep your sex organs happier.

    For men, the cooler sleeping conditions allows your testes to remain at a cooler temperature. This helps keep your sperm healthy and your reproductive systems functioning as normal. For women, the cooler and more airy sleeping conditions can actually help prevent yeast infections. Yeast grows better in warm, moist conditions.[5] When it’s cooler and dryer, the growth of yeast is prevented.

    10. Sleeping in the summer is more bearable.

      Summertime is a tricky time to get good sleep. If you don’t have air conditioning, then you may find your bedroom a bit stuffy at night.


      Shedding those bedtime clothes can help the bedroom feel more comfortable. You may even be able to turn the A/C off on those cooler nights, which can save you a few bucks on your electricity bill.

      Don’t wake up drenched in sweat again because your thermostat is downstairs and the hot air expands up to your bedroom where the thermostat can’t read the warm temperatures.

      Sleep well with your naked body!

      With these tips in mind, it’s time to start taking off your clothes at night!

      Of course, there are times where clothes are preferable. If you are ill or it’s cold outside, then you should sleep with clothes on to help you stay warm and prevent further illness. Otherwise, go commando!

      If you’re looking for more tips to sleep well and get up feeling energetic, I recommend you to check out this guide:

      Want to Feel More Energized Throughout the Day? Start With This


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