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You Should Live In The Present! Watch this Amazing Film And See Why!

Written by Ana Erkic
Social Media Consultant, Online Marketing Strategist, Copywriter, CEO and Co-Founder of Growato
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We all get caught up in our daily routines, and we constantly hear the clock ticking. When we are only focused on rushing to do everything on time, we forget to cherish the present moment. This is what this great video, entitled “Destiny,” is trying to teach us – live in the present. We cannot escape our destinies, but we can enjoy every step of the way on our life journeys if we just stop and smell the roses.

Don’t get caught up in time

As we follow the daily routine of the main character of this film, we see that his actions are well rehearsed, as if he’s done them a million times. His house is filled with clocks, all perfectly aligned, as he can’t allow himself to step out of his schedule even for a second. As he leaves the house, he is so busy looking at his broken pocket watch that he doesn’t notice that a bus is going to hit him. His mind is so preoccupied with time that he is completely unaware of what is going on around him at that very moment.

He passes away, but is brought back to life several times as he desperately tries to stop his untimely passing. It’s only when he breaks his alarm clock, realizing that the time doesn’t mean anything, that he sees the beauty surrounding him- just simple scenery of the sun shining through the dark clouds. So simple, yet so powerful. He learns his lesson, yet destiny manages to catch up with him in another way.

Make every moment count

Even when everything around us seems to happen at such a rapid pace, we shouldn’t let it suck us in. We need to be aware of and see the beauty in even the most mundane things around us. Soak up all the amazing things happening around you, because you never know when destiny will come knocking. Make every moment of your life a great one. So what if you are stuck in traffic? Play some music and sing as loud as you can. Take deep breaths and fully enjoy the fact that you are alive now, that you can walk, laugh, and see all the beautiful things in this world.

Featured photo credit: https://www.youtube.com/ via youtube.com

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