5 Tips to Reduce Rubbish or Gabarge

5 Tips to Reduce Rubbish or Gabarge

Rubbish, or garbage, is not just problematic to handle in your home. But the accumulation of garbage is harmful to your street, your town, your city and our world. With the current environment scenario, it is important that all of us adapt to an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

With the current environment scenario, it is important that all of us adapt to an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Having said that, I am sure most of us are aware of recycling and reusing. If you don’t, you should start it. A lot of awareness is made on Government level and by NGOs (non-government organisations) around the world.

With the help of some small steps and practices, we can make our house, street, town, state, country and the world a better and healthy place for ourselves and our kids.


Tips to Reduce Garbage

1. Say NO to plastic bags

There are states and countries where they have banned the use of plastic shopping bags. But there are still places where they are being used. If you live in an area where they are banned then great, otherwise avoid using them.

Take a basket or reusable shopping bag made from recycled material. You can use that bag again and again. Keep it in the boot of your car, so whenever you go, just take it out. You can also ask for a bio-degradable plastic bag. The bio-degradable bag degenerates when thrown away.

2. Recycle

Recycling is a must for everybody if you want to reduce waste. Buy products that come in reusable containers rather than individual plastic packing. You can reuse the containers for organising and keeping other things as well.

Try to buy things in bulk or large packaging. It is not only easy on the pocket but it will reduce waste. Keep different garbage baskets and bags so you can dispose of recycled products easily.


This rubbish recycling is considered one of the most efficient methods in dealing with the garbage disposal.

3. Reuse

Reusing cans and bottles for storage is another good way of controlling the quantity of your garbage. If you think outside the box, then you can come up with many ways of using even the packaging of the products you purchase.

For example, you can use the glass jars and containers for storage as decoration. You can use tin containers for storage and planting. But you cannot use thermopile or polyethene packaging, as you will have to throw those away. So avoid purchasing products that come in them.

4. Compost

The organic material that can be broken down can be added back to the soil for planting. This is another amazing way to lessen your garbage. It is an ingenious way you can actually help the environment.


You just have to collect all the organic materials like egg shells, teabags, paper, cardboard, dead flowers, food scraps etc., dampen them and leave them in the soil to decay. It will turn into a kind of manure that you can use for your plants or grass.

If you are reluctant about doing this yourself, then check your area. There are companies that will deal with this. Just call them and they will come and collect it from you.

5. Compress

Even after doing the above mentioned things, you will be left with some amount of garbage that you will have to throw away. It is advised that you should compress the garbage that you have to throw.

This way you would reduce the amount that you throw. You can purchase a garbage compressor easily online or from your local hardware store. You can ask your friends or family members to help you with the compression.


As a responsible citizen, it is our duty to keep our city and country clean, not just for our own health but also for the sake of the future generations to come!

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Final Thoughts

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