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5 Benefits You Will Get While Using a VPN

Written by George Olufemi O
Information Technologist
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You might have heard about a VPN, but you may not be using it. Are you? No! Most of us don’t use VPNs, as many of us have just heard about it, but never researched it! Though you might not be using a VPN, after going through this list, you may want to start using it. But before we move further, it is really important to know what VPN is and what it is made of.

What is a VPN?

Virtual Private Network, more commonly known as VPN, is simply a cluster of computers that are networked together on a public network. Individuals can access the network resources in a network when these resources are not present over the same LAN, while businesses can use the VPNs for connecting to remote data centers.

You need to launch a VPN client on the computer while connecting to a Virtual Private Network. Once you make the login, your computer exchanges a private key with a secure server far away. Once the connection is authenticated from both the ends, all the communication across the internet becomes encrypted and well secured from hackers.

But, before you choose any VPN services or subscribe, it is better you read up on the terms and conditions of VPN providers. Dig a bit deeper and learn about the benefits associated with using their VPN.

Here are 5 benefits to using VPN.

1. Online Security

Being safe is one of the ultimate benefits of a VPN. While surfing online, you never want your data to be controlled or transferred; the VPN will create a strongly encrypted data tunnel between the server and your system so that no data is leaked to any third party. This encryption is nearly impossible to break.

2. Online Privacy

VPN keeps your browsing session completely private. You do a number of things on the internet, like buying goods, listening to music, playing games, watching videos, and lot more. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider), or spying eyes can easily track what you are doing on the internet at any point in time. The VPN’s encryption doesn’t allow anyone to spy on what you are doing on the internet.

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3. Unblock Geo-Restricted Websites

If you are a traveler and love to travel to different parts of world, you might want access to local websites of your home country that might be blocked in other countries when you travel. A VPN will come handy in this situation as well. You can access all the regionally restricted websites easily. No matter which country you are in, the websites that are blocked in any region of the world are accessible if you are using a VPN.

4. Your ISP Won’t Throttle Your Connection

The ISPs have gone really clever these days. They keep on monitoring every customer and the resources each of them is occupying on their servers. They might throttle the speed of your connection a bit if your usage is at the par. But once you start using a VPN, your online activities wouldn’t be identified by your ISP. You will get the same speed as before.

5. Hide Your IP Address

One of the best benefits of a VPN is that it changes your IP address, which hides your identity online and protects your personal data from getting leaked or stolen. Your personal data can be stolen when you access your bank accounts, register on few websites, or connect to the public internet. Once your IP is changed, all such risks get eradicated.

Let us say that you love to play online games and are an avid gamer. You love a game, but that game or website is blocked in your country. The IP change will help you in playing that game online. You can browse through the internet anonymously by hiding your IP address.

Last Words

The VPN is an incredible service that every one of us should start using. It is reasonably affordable, and a number of good VPN providers are available across the internet, too. You can even get a country-specific VPN provider online. If you think about your data and computer’s security, a VPN is a must for you. Try it now and be tension free all the time.

Featured photo credit: Pixabay via pixabay.com

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