5 Popular Celebrities Whose Net worth is Less than a Million Dollars

5 Popular Celebrities Whose Net worth is Less than a Million Dollars

It goes without saying that one of the major reasons why people fight to join reality television or showbiz is the huge amount of fame and fortune that it brings in. In other words, appearing in movies and even on television is equivalent to financial well-being. But there is also the other side of the coin.

Believe it or not, there are a number of talented and popular celebrities whose net worth is not even equal to a million! While for some, the career graph has just started and there’s still a lot of time ahead, for others, bad investment, uneventful circumstances or unwise life choices have brought down the fortune.

Here are 5 of these celebrities who will always continue to remain popular, irrespective of what fortune they have.

1. Cardi B


    Cardi B aka Belcalis Almanzar is a television personality having a net worth of $600,000. She has become a household name for “Love and Hip Hop New York”, a reality television series that is aired over channel VH1. Her other notable works include performance in the music video “Chapi Chapi” and launch of the DVD “I Am: Cardi B”.

    She left college at the age of 18 years to join the entertainment industry, and started off as an exotic dancer, before rising to fame with a television career. The show “Love & Hip Hop”, although popular, saw rough patches, with the number of audiences gradually declining, but is once again becoming popular, thanks to Cardi’s personality.

    2. Eric Balfour

      Having a net worth of $500,000, Eric Balfour has perhaps acted in almost every type of role, some of the major television shows being “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, “Six Feet Under” and “24”. The actor has significant roles in movies such as “Skyline”, “The Spirit” and “What Women Want”.


      Probably the primary reason why Balfour has a low net worth in spite of being popular is that more often than not, he is a supporting actor, rather than a leading one. He is also pursuing a singing career, making considerable investment in this area.

      3. Hailee Steinfeld

        Hailee Steinfeld’s career started in the “True Grit” remake, but she is yet to find another match to continue that level of success. Although she is worth just $500,000 now, it seems that her fortune will continue to rise, given her outstanding grace as a young actress. She has done notable roles in films like “Ender’s Game” and “Pitch Perfect 2”, and has also started pursuing a modeling career.

        4. Margot Kidder


          Those who love watching Christopher Reeve “Superman” movies, are well acquainted with Margot Kidder, or the popular character of Lois Lane. She has also charmed many with her significant horror role in the film “Black Christmas” and has acted in movies like “Brian De Palma’s Sisters”, “Rob Zombie’s Halloween II”, apart from being a popular face in the “Smallville” episodes.

          Although having more than 100 acting stints added to her career, Margot Kidder’s net worth is just $300,000, probably due to the different health issues that she faced.

          5. Tom Guiry

            Beginning his career as a child actor in “The Sandlot” and other films, in the 90s, Tom Guiry now has a net worth of only $100,000. His early success did not remain with him in the later period, with his last famous stint being in “The Black Donnellys”, in 2007. Unfortunately for the television personality, this NBC drama was called off air just after a single season.


            Since that time, Guiry had hardly been seen on the big or small screen, and over and above that, he spent a lot of his money over substance abuse.

            These are just a few popular celebrities who’s net worth is below a million dollars.

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            Happy Holidays everyone!

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